This is the content of a leaflet produced by the ‘for DEMOCRACY!‘ group in Cork, they are engaged in opposing the imposition of policy on the people, such as the Local Property Tax, and they are working to encourage the community to select it’s own candidates in the local elections expected next year.

A .PDF copy of the A5 flyer is available for download here.

Stand Up for the Rights of the People!

Every week over 1,500 young people are forced to leave Ireland in emigration – that is the future successive Governments have ensured. This is the highest rate of emigration in Ireland since the time of the Famine in the 1840’s – when, during a time of plenty, our people were starved and sent in coffin ships to the US and Canada.

Today, as in the 1840’s, Ireland is a very wealthy country – yet still our Governments have not put in place the policies of the people to provide for our lives, in education, health or welfare services, for employment or for our cultural well-being.


There is no future for the youth of Ireland because it has been handed to the Bankers of Europe and the speculators on Bond markets who have forced us to pay their gambling losses. Our Governments and the Political Parties have lined their pockets in return for selling our country, in return for their help in enslaving the Irish people!

Young people are being excluded and forced out of education through huge fees. Welfare rates have been cut from the already meagre standard rates. Those seeking ‘Supplementary‘ benefits are subjected to degrading procedures, having to visit banks and credit unions to stamp forms confirming that they have no funds from “ill-gotten gains”.

Young people are citizens, the same as everyone else and should be treated equally! These attacks are to force emigration, this is the policy imposed by our own Government – they have no right to do so!

This leaflet is a call on young people to get organised in defence of their own rights and the interests of the Irish people generally.

You can help organise by collecting mobile phone numbers for SMS texting, so everyone can be notified of meetings and activities, you can join this work and get your friends involved. We must stand up against those who rule over us!