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THE-PEOPLE'S-CONTRACT-1It begins when we assert that Right together!

There is a Solution to the Crisis, we must work for our own EMPOWERMENT!

A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here.

We must end the system which allows powerful groups of vested interests decide matters for us. Let’s start with City Council… our communities must nominate and select our own “People’s Candidates” for the Elections in 2014.

We must contract these candidates to act only in accordance with specific mandate on every issue/vote that comes up, the people must be in control.

THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT provides for community representation, not Political Parties, banks or any private interest groups. ALL candidates must be asked to sign this contract, acknowledging that it is the policy preference of the people that will guide everything.

If any Party (big or small) or ‘single-issue’ candidates refuse to accept direction and the primacy of the people then they should not be supported.

We must step forward and assert our own rights, we must end the dictate and take control of policy making ourselves. Each of us must look around our communities and encourage good people to put their names forward. We can help with candidate selections and co-ordinate the effort across the city.

THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT arises out of Bunreacht na hÉireann, our Constitution, it recognises our right to decide all policy issues, to select our own representatives, to work with them to ensure that it is the will of the people which prevails.

Using THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT we have a new way to exercise our mandate, never giving it away. With our own People’s Candidates/representatives we will have ongoing consultation on all the issues up for decision.

In Cork we are facing into these Local Elections with a view to the people winning ALL seats, not Parties. If we succeed, then we will be a long way to solving our problems nationally – using the same approach in Dáil elections.


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