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The problem we face was shown clearly this week in Dáil Éireann.

A ‘deal’ was made by the inner circle, then imposed on Government, and then imposed on the Dáil … who will impose it on us. Not even allowing enough time for proper reading of the proposal – and again, a shotgun is held to the heads of our representatives – not that it was needed!

The detail of what was agreed will be revealed bit by bit, like extracting teeth, over the coming weeks – but the entire debacle stinks of the usual arrogance and dictatorial “we know best and will decide for you” of the Party system.

This is our ‘democracy’ in action, Government and opposition berating each other, making a show of concern but all knowing full well that this unjust imposition was going ahead anyway. NONE were to have their allowances or expenses affected by this, and so long as they keep up the pretence of representation, going through the motions, their seats are safe – they think.

So, the losses of speculators and gamblers are converted to Sovereign debt, we will pay MORE in interest and our grand-children’s lives are exploited before many are even born! We pay via imposed austerity and more taxes!

THE problem is that we citizens have NO SAY in how our country is run, vested interests decide everything, assisted by their system of Political Parties.

YOU are the solution, because you can change everything.

We must exercise our democratic rights differently, we must STOP handing over our mandate to any Party or ‘independent’ candidates in elections. We, the people, must be empowered, not any party, ‘single issue’ or special interests.

Approaching the next elections, expected in June 2014, we must prepare to select our own People’s Candidates and not accept those nominated in back rooms by Political Parties – we must contest for power and beat them!

People’s Candidates will be contracted to act ONLY on our mandate, on all matters of policy, and they will be subject to RECALL at any time, if we decide. In this way our local communities will control our representatives, to ensure that they do REPRESENT US, not themselves and not any Party.