[box type=”info”]Lucan Electoral District DUBLIN MID-WEST CONSTITUENCY MEETING[/box]

It is the right of the people to create state policy, yet this function has been usurped by the political parties and in many cases even handed over to institutions outside of our state.

The state is continuously imposing policy on the people and we are excluded from the decision making.  This and other meetings mark a new phase in the development of The Peoples Convention – we wish to impose on the Dáil deputies their Constitutional duty to represent the constituency, not their private clubs or parties.

We are beginning the constituency-wide process through which citizens will continuously mandate our public representatives

Citizens are invited to submit motions for discussion and adoption at these meetings.

All elected representatives are invited to attend

For further information please email CPPC via this website or contact Brendan Doris on 01-5240994

Everybody is welcome! 

Join the effort to build The People’s Convention!



Start time: 8pm

End Time: 9.45pm

Location: Ballyowen Castle Community Centre, Lucan, Dublin