Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER.ireland

If you read it in a book twenty years ago you would have laughed.

Throughout the world people look at Ireland in disbelief, how can a country with such resources, with such education and with such history allow itself to be treated as we allow it.

The problem of course is that we, the people, do not decide how our country is run, someone else does that – but we allow them.

Consider the NAMA scandal and the bags of cash in car parks – we have seen it before in brown envelopes, in Council chambers, in contracts awarded, in ‘consultancy’ fees, in favours given and received – that is corruption.

Consider the BILLIONS of Euro in debt and in scams that we and future generations have been made to pay. Consider that they have taken our fishing, our gas and oil; and they want our wind and water too – that is robbery.

Consider the denial of meaningful public inquiries, into the banking crisis, NAMA, the planning process – the truth is hidden – that is lying.

Consider the vulgar salaries, expenses and pensions taken by public representatives and senior civil servants, which run side-by-side these scandals.

Consider the continuous push to globalization, the protection of Banks and facilitating vulture funds.
Look at emigration, the housing crisis, evictions, rack-rents, zero-hour contracts, suicide – it all amounts to our being sold-out!

And, what do we get for all this  imposition – crumbs from the table?

Our children are denied a future among their own. It is near impossible to find secure employment, get a home and start a family – is this our policy?

Our senior citizens live in fear of getting ill, uncertainty is everywhere – this is not right!

Where is the voice of the people?

This paper will voice the concerns of the people – without fear or favour – we are independent.

The Solution is in our own hands

Each individual has to take responsibility. We have a duty to investigate and to break through the double-speak of politics.  We have accepted the arguments of powerful vested interests, the same ones that led us into crisis many times before – and made us pay the bill.

Silence, or looking away, will not do; too many are in serious trouble.

Our responsibility includes how we vote, we elected the Dáil.

Why do we keep voting for TDs that accept a Party ‘whip’?

Someone at Party head office tells them how to vote – they may as well be puppets.  The consequence of Party rule is that the people are not represented, vested interests are.

The constant sham sparing of Party politics makes a joke of Dáil Éireann, it is like a ‘Punch and Judy’ show – except it is real.

We don’t need politicians of either ‘left’ or ‘right’.  We don’t need people pretending to be either ‘republican’, ‘socialist’ or  ‘green’.

What we do need are TDs who will act according to what our Bunreacht says, and “represent Constituencies” – that would be democratic and would be a major step forward, it is our entitlement.