The Troika have completed their final review and are packing their bags to leave Ireland on December 15th. Have we been saved?

They say we passed the reviews and are now on course to economic recovery. They tell us we are re-gaining our sovereignty, that the future is bright, that our sacrifice has been worth it and from now on things will improve.

Government Ministers explain all about the Action Plan for Jobs and the Pathway to Work, can we expect Enda’s promise of 100,000 jobs to be realised?

Are we now to expect “Labour’s Way”, Frankfurt having been seen off… Ireland hurrah! we’ve dealt with older enemies, now we kick out the Germans?

What has happened?

The Troika are set to leave Ireland next month, but they leave with their pockets full, having stolen our nation’s wealth. They take with them the future of our children and grandchildren, whose lives are to be exploited to pay the €70,000 million debt that has been tied around our necks!

Why has no Government Minister mentioned that not even 1c of the €70bn has been spent in Ireland? It has ALL been used to pay banks and Bondholders – for a debt that is not ours!

The Troika leave happy, they have succeeded in passing the cost of the Euro and Banking crisis onto our backs, and they have been helped by those who are supposed to represent us, our own!


We have continually handed over to Political Parties, who represent only narrow vested interests, not the people, this is the problem. Political Parties are no more than Private Member Clubs, each a greater or lesser vested interest on its own.

We must stop handing over to any Party or supporting anyone else unless they sign THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, and commit to acting only according to the will of the people, on every issue.

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