We can be effective by doing something that will bring immediate change

A final word before the vote

The following was contained in an A5 flyer issued in the last few days, .PDF download available here.

  • Why not elect someone who is contracted to consult you on all issues and to accept your mandate on how to vote in Dáil Éireann?
  • Doing this will transform how our democracy works … imagine being regularly updated by your TD on proposed laws, discussing them in the community and having a say in the decisions for our future?
  • By voting for this we will spread the ‘new way’ throughout the country – this will put the interests of the people to the fore and on every agenda.
  • Electing even one such TD in Cork will boost our democracy and lead to the end of the corrupt parties of vested interests.
  • This ‘new way’ will allow us to follow pro-people policies, because you will decide them.  To look after our young people and seniors; to build the domestic economy, to provide gainful employment for all; to secure the benefit of our natural resources on the land, under the land and at sea and to defend our sovereignty.
  • We can take the first step in making real change, any other reform is worthless unless this empowerment of the people is included.

Is féidir linn an difríocht a dhéanamh, tosaíonn sé anois, bí linn!

The political parties are deceiving us in this election, as always!

  • The parties of vested interest – of the golden circle, of bankers foreign and domestic, of developers, top civil servants, quangos, union chiefs and media moguls – they have not changed one bit!
  • Fianna Fáil have kept their senior ministers, even Willie O’Dea, despite the purgery issue in the High Court – no change, they are not sorry!
  • Fine Gael’s “Get Ireland working“ starts with 8000 more job losses in Health and both they and Labour agree on massive public sector job cuts – all they are offering is more of the same!
  • These parties have offered us policies on everything, they are for both job creation and job losses, both cutbacks and investment in services – they have a policy position for us all, take your pick!  But they are all agreed on the budget targets … before the Dáil collapsed they made sure the budget was ratified – their parties are all the same!
  • None of the parties have even said they would reverse the worse parts of the budget just passed – they are all agreed!  Their differences are just a show, to deceive us, so we get more of the same!
  • None of them will to re-negotiate the scandalous deal made with Shell for Corrib Gas, a value far exceeding all debts we are faced with.
  • These parties even say they will reform the corrupt political practices through which they have milked us dry for years and years – more lies!
  • Their double-speak is to hoodwink us into handing our decision making     over to them for another term, so that nothing fundamental will change!
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