Democracy Under Attack10th December 2013


This weekend the people of Cork are invited to take a stand in favour of our own empowerment, to reject the dictate that has become accepted in our democratic process.

CPPC is hosting two public events:

The theme of this event is: “The ‘bailout’ was for banks, WE HAVE BEEN SOLD-OUT, AGAIN!’ and is focused on the ending of the Troika’s term on Sunday next.  We are highlighting that none of the so-called bailout was spent in Ireland or provided any services in the country – it was all given directly to banks and bondholders.

Since organising this event the Party ‘whips’ have decided that attendance at our Council’s meeting is now by invitation only – numbered tickets being issued through the parties.  Monday’s City Council meeting is to agree the Budget for 2014, yet the people of Cork are excluded from even observing, we are to witness private security employed to enforce this policy.

Spokesperson Diarmaid Ó Cadhla said: “The people of Cork should be consulted and allowed to set the priorities for our budget – democracy demands this, it is our entitlement.  The fact that Political Parties dictate everything on City Council, as in Dáil Éireann, effectively excludes the people from having any say – this is the biggest scandal – we are not represented, Parties are.”

The People’s Convention has been holding community meetings throughout Cork to encourage the selection of People’s Candidates in the coming Local Elections.

Ó Cadhla says: “the people should contest all seats on City and County Council, there must be no representation for private clubs called Parties.  It is the people, our communities, that are supposed to be represented, achieving this in Cork will empower the people in decision making.”


Diarmaid Ó Cadhla (mobile 086-3805005), Spokesperson.