irelandArticle taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

Owners at The Flying Enterprise bar and restaurant in Cork caused public protest in September as a member of staff lost his job for speaking Irish.

We are Europeans now” declared management, making excuses but refusing to apologise for insulting the people or put matters right.

Over several days, Irish language groups Misneach Chorcaí and Gael-Taca protested vigorously, as did countless outraged citizens nationwide.

We have seen this same anti-national view elsewhere; in the English Market, at City Hall and in the official Easter Rising Commemorations. Apparently being European and mature means that we must ‘move on’, forget our own identity and mimic ‘our betters’.

Language activists have called for a boycott of The Flying Enterprise.

Cherishing our language and culture is ESSENTIAL, it is not against anyone, it is a matter of self-respect.