Focus on the Housing Crisis!

The People’s Convention is not running candidates in this Local Election, instead we are supporting the efforts of the newly formed Housing Rights & Reform Alliance. The Alliance has six candidates in Cork city, each of whom has been active in their community and is dedicated to the people.  The Alliance is fully registered and […]

The solution is in sight… We need no Party or Private Clubs to rule over us!

DEMOCRACY is the entitlement of the people The People’s Candidates stood in this election with just one aim – that our communities should be represented. Our stand is that the people, our communities, must be represented – not the private clubs called Political Parties that have sold us out time after time. On the door […]

Local Elections – CONDEMN THE PARTY ‘WHIP’!

STATEMENT from the LARGEST single grouping of non-Party Candidates in the coming local elections. Today, a total of 19 candidates in the local elections confirmed their signing of THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, they are from Cork, Monaghan, Limerick and Dublin. All local election candidates have been invited to confirm their commitment to democracy, something which […]