Stand up, be counted?

This is our final call, before the Local and European elections, good citizens need to step forward and challenge the rulers of our state – by contesting as candidates.

The truth is written on the statue of Jim Larkin, in Dublin’s O’Connell Street:

The great only appear great because we are on our knees.
Let us rise!

This slogan was used by James Connolly, it should be our watchword for today.

The ‘great’ need to be challenged.

When they are faced-down they are not so great as they pretend to be, many are already deserting what they see as a sinking ship – with nice payoffs as they run.

The vast majority of citizens have shown time after time that they have lost faith in the Political Party elite.

Some show their lack of faith by simply not voting, others have searched for alternative parties, or independent candidates, that will represent them.

But today, even the so-called opposition have failed the people, we need politics of a new type.

For us, not voting is a big mistake, it hands over to the rich, to those who own the Political Party system.

Backers of the established parties vote all the time, and the electoral system itself is rigged in their favour, through state funding and with main stream media backing.

They don’t care if the disaffected stay at home on voting day, its helps them to win.

Citizens who are not registered to vote can do so online up until 20th May (see advert on back page).

We may not be able to sort out Irish politics at the coming elections, but we can make a useful start by challenging them ourselves.

The recent referendum showed that we can effect change, when we decide to do so.

All of the Parties lined up, and told us we should accept their ‘new world order’ / woke agenda.

But we didn’t – we rejected them.

The question is, do we accept more lies? are we happy with that?

Government claims that it achieved its target for new house construction last year, the CSO reports that 32,695 were built.

Even so, Simon Harris announced at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis that he plans to build 50,000 new homes every year for the next 5 years – far beyond, and dismissing, their own ‘Housing for All’ strategy.

He was happy to make this claim even for years beyond the possible life of his Government…

What are we to make of that, is he an honest broker, will he do it?

Consider these claims while we note that the numbers officially recorded as homeless have increased by 50% since the current Dáil was elected.
We have 4,100 children homeless!

Dare we suggest that Harris’s words are just more lies and spin?

Spin is the same thing as a lie.

But, as we have quoted above, LIES: “isn’t that what you tend to do during an election”.
But it’s not just at election time.

Governments have shown their disdain for the people, in recent times this has become even clearer.

Who decides to spend €1 million per month transporting and minding pets for refugees?

Who decides that… while, at the same time, children wait years for vital operations, e.g. on conditions like scoliosis, or needs assessments?

Who decides to by-pass the housing needs of citizens, while providing for unlimited numbers of refugees – why neglect our own?

Who signs off on public contracts that end up doubling their cost?

Initial budget for modular homes was already exaggerated at €200,000 per unit, but we ending up paying over twice that amount?

Of course, there is a purpose to it all, these Political Party types are “managing our democracy” (as Leo explained) for the rich, for the vested interests, at home and abroad. Huge wealth is taken from Ireland – we are being robbed blind.

Successive Governments have allowed giant corporations and the Vulture Funds of the Banks to record higher profits than ever.

There is a gravy train, we pay for it, but the ordinary people are not allowed onto it – we are the servants, we just pay the taxes!

Why are politicians and senior civil servants not called to account?