P R  E S S   R E L E A S E

The following statement is issued in response to a number of events in the past week:

1. The sending out of 8,500 letters demanding payment of household charges, from families that are already hard pressed.  The funds being required to replace Government cuts made in the interests of paying bondholders for debt that was never the responsibility of the Irish people.

CPPC highlights that it is the Constitutional role of Local Authorities to provide “a forum for the democratic representation of local communities”, through “promoting by its initiatives the interests of such communities”.

This being the case, how it right to impose policy on the local community that has not even been discussed by them and most certainly it not popular?

Why are our public representatives not standing up and defending the interests of those whom they are charged with representing?

The have not consulted the people about the Household Charge or about the cuts in services that are taking place, so … whose interests are they representing?

2. Last week a Public Meeting was organised in Blackrock (by Cllr Des Cahill of Fine Gael), and supported by Council officials, on the issue of Dog Fouling!

Is this the burning issue of the day for the people of Cork? Why does City Hall and Fine Gael think it is worth consulting with the people on this issue but not on other issues?

Our community is plagued by many problems, care for senior citizens, special needs, unemployment, emigration, drugs, crime and much more … when are we to be consulted on these?  Maybe we can deal with these issues after the dogs (and owners) have been re-educated in proper hygiene?

The Peoples Convention calls on City Council/City Hall and on our Public Representatives to full fill their Constitutional duty – to represent their electoral areas – and to stop acting for vested interests as if City Hall was their private club or business association.

A leaflet has been distributed (copy attached) in the South East Ward highlighting this scandal. Spokesperson for The Peoples Convention, Diarmaid Ó Cadhla stated:

“People were dismayed to see notices for this meeting on dog fouling and feel they are not being represented on the important issues”

Mr. Ó Cadhla called on people to take up politics themselves, to stop handing over mandate to any political party and to assert our right as citizens to decide policy on all issues.