Even though at NO risk from Covid19, Government is expected to
allow BigPharma to inject dangerous Vaccines into children just 12 years old

Common sense has gone out the door, the lockdown provisions have been extended, but for how long we do not know.

What we do know is that Government has linked the issue of being able to prove that you are vaccinated with being allowed indoors in a pub or restaurant.

People’s lives and small businesses are being wrecked, huge debt is being clocked up, without any debate!
They wish to push both vaccines and also the Digital Green Certificate or Vaccine Passport.

The questions of informed consent and medical privacy seem to have been dismissed, like so many other aspects of our lives. So too has the notion of looking at science.

Anyone who looks at the official mortality data, and even the fake PCR case numbers reported, can see that there is no pandemic to be in fear of. All there is are invented case numbers and lots of scare mongering about variants – but nobody is getting sick, not from Covid19 anyway.

However, an even more sinister threat is coming – the HSE is already planning to vaccinate 12 year old children, the UK is already doing so.

We appeal to parents:
Protect Your Children!
Children are not affected by Covid19, why put unknown concoctions into their bodies on the false pretense that others will be safe as result – how selfish is that!

Leo Varadkar has said that children can “get and transmit the virus”, he wants to target them with dangerous, on ‘emergency license only’ vaccines.
In the same breath Varadkar said that bus drivers and teachers can transmit the virus – why is he picking out these?

Their intent, if we allow it, is that young children will be vaccinated, as will teachers, before the return to school in September – that is what they want.
If we cannot protect our children then our society really has failed.

Problem in Schools

The threat of unnecessary and dangerous vaccines are just one problem facing our children, the major issue they face is mental health.

Over the past year doctors are reporting increases in the number of children presenting with mental health issues.

For all age groups, nearly 200,000 new prescriptions for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication were issued over the last year.

Dr Joseph Duffy, CEO of Jigsaw the mental health charity for young people, said that there is a 54% increase in the number of young people presenting to them this year alone.

We have also seen a marked increase in the suicide rates throughout the lockdown, including of young people.

Undoubtedly, this increase in mental health issues is related to the regime in schools over the last year, whereby most students have been forced to wear face masks for long periods of time.

An increasing numbers of parents are reporting to us that their children have been excluded completely from schools because of masks.

Guidelines issued by the Department of Education in April indicate that the same regime will apply in the coming year – recommending face coverings for all staff and for students at 2nd level. However, individual Boards of Management have applied these guidelines wrongly and have binding rules, obliging students to wear masks, often for 6 or 7 hours a day.

Young children have reported skin rashes, open sores, respiratory problems, headaches and depression; also reported are issues developing relationships and that teaching is slow and far behind schedule.

Many children are even forced to wear masks during outdoor PE.

Teaching staff are reporting similar issues and are experiencing bullying in their workplace if they speak about it – some have even had their employment threatened.

This regime is in place with NO risk assessment for either staff or children.

Some teachers are now being asked to sign new contracts accepting such changes to their working conditions, and are under threat if they do not.

Alarmingly, the teachers unions have not defended the working conditions of their members, and they have not protected our children who are under their care.