P R E S S   R E L E A S E 

The Peoples Convention in Cork is hosting a PROTEST EVENT and PUBLIC FORUM on Monday 1st October at 12 o’Clock, outside AIB Bank at 66, South Mall in Cork city.

The protest is against the handing over of €1 billion in payment to unsecured bondholders for a debt that is not belong to the Irish people.

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, spokesperson said:

“The policy of paying bondholders has been imposed on the Irish people by powerful vested interests, at home and abroad, it is dictated by the ECB & IMF and facilitated by our own Government who refuse to defend the interests of citizens.”

This year alone, nearly €20 billion is being handed over to bondholders, next year it will be €17 billion.

Mr. Ó Cadhla states that:

“this is WHY we have austerity budgets, this is WHY our senior citizens and people with special needs are neglected, this is WHY our youth are forced into emigration.  It is also WHY there is no development of our domestic economy and unemployment continues to rise.”

The protest is part of a co-ordinated series taking place at the same time throughout the country and was called for by the Ballyhea/Charleville Says NO! to Bondholder Bailout group.

Mr Ó Cadhla said:

“It would be a sorry day if such an imposition can be forced on the Irish people without anyone to stand up and say it was wrong!”

All concerned individuals and organisations of the people are invited to participate in the event.

On Tuesday evening 2nd October The Peoples Convention in Youghal are to hold a public meeting titled ‘Be Informed .. Be Empowered’, this takes place at the Community Centre at 8pm, the meeting is open to all concerned citizens.

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla on 086-3805005 or email or visit