irelandArticle taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

In July UPLIFT, the social justice group, commissioned a Red C poll on the new trade agreements being discussed by the EU.   When asked, the people gave a resounding answer:

You may not know what TTIP, CETA and their fellow travelers, ISDS and TISA, stand for – more likely that is because, in typical EU manner, these things are shrouded in secrecy, deliberately hidden.

In summary, the EU wishes to open its ‘free’ market to US and Canadian corporations. Monopoly interests will be served, domestic business will suffer, wages and standards will race to the bottom.

These agreements allow the  privatisation of services – in health, welfare, public administration, education, transport  and security.

If democracy means anything then citizens are entitled to debate and decide these matters.

CETA is due to be approved by the EU Commission in October, TTIP is expected next year.