Today the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer, dealing with the question of Political Parties, highlighted this week in the media.

A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here, other adverts are included with the printed / .PDF copy.

A .PDF copy of the A6 Flyer used to promote the meeting on November 6th in Gurranabraher can be downloaded here


The media tell us that 56% have no faith in any Political Party, but this is not news – the Parties have long distinguished themselves for corruption.

Such disaffection is no surprise given that less than 2% of the population are members of ANY Party. Why would anyone join a Party? except to further their career, give or receive favours, win contracts, gain person power etc.

There is NO mention in our Constitution of Political Parties, representation is supposed to be of Constituencies, local communities, i.e. PEOPLE. Our Constitution makes no provision for the representation of Parties or even for individuals to represent themselves.

Our State funds are used to finance the Parties, we are paying for them to dictate to us, that is a double insult. The pay, allowances and expenses taken by these politicians is vulgar, they are as bad as any of the old Landlords, and as arrogant.

Our Electoral Laws favour Parties, Standing Orders in the Dáil and Local Councils give them advantage. Even the ballot papers presented during elections favours Parties – by allowing use of their heavily marketed logos.

We do not have an equal right to elect and be elected.

For 90 years, since the foundation of the state, no Political Party has acted according to the will of the people, it is no different today.

The Political Parties are no more than Private Member Clubs, representing special interests and policy preferences – these policies are decided in private and when in power they are imposed on the people.

NO Political Party works for the empowerment of the people, let’s dump them!

We need to Nominate our own People’s Candidates.

We can and must work for our own empowerment, this work has started, you are invited to join in and help make a success of it!