The following is the text from a leaflet used to promote a Public Meeting to be held in Blackrock, Cork on Monday 24th Sept.  A .PDF copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here.

October 1st … scandal !

On October 1st, WE, through AIB Bank (which we own) are going to give €1 billion to unguaranteed bondholders, whose names we are not allowed to know, for a debt that is not ours to begin with!

This year alone, we are handing over nearly €20 billion to rescue the biggest banks in Germany and France.


The IMF/ECB are NOT bailing out Ireland, they are forcing us to rescue their corrupt financial system!

QUESTION: Is it the preferred policy of the Irish people that we should enrich German banks at the expense of our own future? the future of our children and the future of our children’s children?

SO, who is making the decisions that we should follow this policy? Who has consulted us to see if we wanted such a policy?

They say we must have a working banking system: Yes! but we have already put nearly €70 billion into them and still they are not functioning for the Irish people or for Irish business!

This robbery of our wealth to pay zombie banks for debt that is not ours is simply yielding to foreign dictate. Our own Government is forcing the policy of the Troika or IMF/ECB onto us, this is WHY vital social and medical services are cut back, this is WHY our youth are emigrating, this is WHY our senior citizens and people with special needs are abused! This is WHY our domestic economy is broken and it is WHY our natural resources are being given away!

In truth, we citizens simply have NO say in how our country is run, all policy is decided by the political parties and the vested interests they represent – these parties are no more than ‘Private Member Clubs’.

It is time to remove those who are allowing this scandal to continue!