On the question of RECALL, which CPPC advocates:

We think all candidates should commit to accepting the right of the electors, in the local constituency, to recall them – if they wish to do so.

Until this can become actual law, through modification to Bunreacht na hÉireann, it may be difficult to enforce, but having it does ask candidates to commit to the moral principal of it, not just the practice.

Elected representatives should be called to account if they go back on their commitments to consult with and accept mandate from the constituency – there must be real accountability.

At this early stage, for CPPC to advocate the right of recall emphasises the importance of the democratic principal, that the electorate have a right to select, elect and dismiss their representatives.  Not many in the main parties would sign up to this – because they are not democrats, they want position for their own benefits!

Will ‘recall’ be used in a disruptive way?

We must accept that people, collectively, will act responsibly when they take control of the democratic processes, otherwise we must expect no democracy.  Everything should be subjected to discussion in the local area before the Peoples Convention is called to decide any recall by voting.

The reason for having recall is that it is part of what empowers the people over their politicians.  What politician claims to be a democrat and thinks that the citizens should not be entitled to recall them if they fail in their duty?  Such a politician can’t be worth much to us!  Being an elected representative of the people is something which carries high responsibility, representatives are of the people, not over the people.

The right of recall is a fundamental feature of democracy.