Dear Editor,

Humanity is being led to a cliff edge by reckless international leaders, as it was in 1914.

The third world war will be the West against the rest of humanity, and if it goes nuclear, there will be no winners, and there may be no humanity.

Since the end of the Cold War, the US, with just over 4% of the world’s population, has been misusing NATO and other allies to maintain its military and economic domination over the rest of humanity. It has achieved this so far by waging aggressive resource wars, or instigating proxy-wars in breach of the UN Charter, and international laws, that have cost the lives of millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, and elsewhere.

Successive Irish governments have been complicit in these wars. Our traditional active neutrality has been abandoned step by step, including by joining NATO’s Partnership for Peace, allowing US military to use Shannon airport, sending Irish soldiers to serve with NATO missions, and with EU neo-colonial missions in Africa, and planning to abandon the triple lock, thereby undermining the role of the United Nations.

The Defence Forces have been downgraded and the conditions of service for its members are so inadequate that this has led to a recruitment and retention crisis.

Defence Forces personnel are training Ukrainian soldiers; the provision of military equipment to the Ukrainian army while Ukraine is engaged in a war with Russia is a clear breach of neutrality.

Ireland should be promoting international peace, in the interests not only of the Irish people, but in the interests of all humanity.

Supporting the West against the rest of humanity, is putting Ireland on the wrong side of history.

Edward Horgan,
Co. Limerick

Corrupt Judges

Can anyone say that our courts dispense justice?

In the last few weeks just look at the case of a man convicted of vicious assault getting a suspended sentence, in case it affected his army career.

Then look at how Jemima Burke was treated at Swinford Courthouse, where, prompted by the Coroner, Gardaí combined with the Prosecutor and the Judge to have her charged and tried behind locked doors. She was reporting on an inquiry by the Coroner into another suspicious death at Mayo University Hospital.

Everywhere we look, corrupt practice is at work.

Micheál Twohig,