Julian Assange was released from Jail at the end of June

The British state collaborated in full with the US, holding Julian for 5 years under high security at Belmarsh Prison, locked up 23 hours a day.

During that time Julian wasn’t even charged with a crime, let alone be found guilty, yet his liberty was taken.

Before that Julian had spend 7 years under siege at the Ecuadorian Embassy, trying to avoid persecution, but they too yielded to US pressure.

Assange founded WikiLeaks, he exposed massive war crimes, and crimes against humanity, committed by US and NATO forces in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.
WikiLeaks also exposed the massive corruption within US politics, involving financial fraud.

None have denied the truth of what WikiLeaks published.
Assange has lost 12 years of his life because he told the truth, none of the criminals were prosecuted for their murderous actions – this is the world we live in today, we shoot the messenger.

The US Government had been trying to get Assange back to the USA to face charges under their Espionage Act, where he would have spend the rest of his life in a maximum security jail.

However, a plea-deal was agreed in June and Assange was releases, he is once again a free man.

Even though 100% innocent, Assange had to plead guilty to a single charge of breaching their Espionage Act and to a sentence of 5 years, however, his time spent in the UK jail was off-set against this.

A special court hearing was arranged in Siapan (a US territory) and the ‘deal’ was approved legally, now Assange is back in his native Australia, with his family.

Julian’s wife, Stella said:

“Today, we celebrate Julian’s freedom … it is also a day where I hope journalists and editors and publishers everywhere realise the danger of this US case against Julian that criminalises, that has secured a conviction, for newsgathering and publishing information that was in the public interest”

She said that a precedent has now been set, that the US will use it against other journalists to silence them. She has called for reform of the Espionage Act, to increase press protection and she called for a pardon to be issued to Julian.
A deal was struck, Assange is free, without any restrictions placed on him, we welcome that.

However journalism has taken a hit, anyone who speaks out may expect to be targeted.
This is the modern world.