PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper:

Dáil Representatives and Government must Carry Out the Will of the People, and not just at Election Time!

With the publication of this first edition of Convention, we take the next step in the programme to create the new way for Irish Citizens to exercise our constitutional and democratic rights.

The People’s Convention is not another political party, that is the last thing needed.

The basis for all electors coming together is simply that we are citizens, and it is our shared responsibility to decide the policy of our State so that the aspirations and dreams of all its citizens can be realised. We can come together regardless of any ‘ism’ or ideology, regardless of any ‘left’ or ‘right’ label or policy preferences and regardless of party-political affiliation – if any.

This is not a protest or campaign, it is simply a movement for democracy. This is not a proposal to destroy existing democratic processes. Nor is it a proposal for some clever reforms, none are required at this stage. Unless the Citizens are empowered, any reforms are meaningless.

The question is, will we empower ourselves or should we continue as a people who are ruled over by some power group or other of vested interests, from home or abroad?

Everything we need in order to exercise our sovereign entitlement, to decide the policy of our State, is contained in Bunreacht na hÉireann, except that we must implement it.

Convention will record, constituency by constituency, the movement to build this organisation of an electorate which choses to select, elect and mandate people’s representatives rather than surrender our mandate to political parties as we have done to date.