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The Control of the State by Vested Interests is the Source of Ireland’s Problems

Empowerment of the Citizens is the First Step to Establishing Democracy

Only Democracy will Ensure the Needs and Wellbeing of All

We are not Powerless!

Let us Act as the Sovereign People that we are!

In any crisis, there is always a single defining factor through which we can take control of the situation Today that factor is the Empowerment of the Citizens

Political parties are simply private member clubs of vested interests who rule over the people

We submit these ideas and solution to the people and to all organisations that are striving to further the interests of the Irish people.
The People’s Convention
October 2011


Introduction: The Irish People and Our State

1 The Issue: A People Ruled over rather than Ruling

2 The Cause: Private Member Clubs of Vested Interests

3 The Solution: Implement the Constitution, end the rule of political parties

4 The People’s Convention: An Organisation of All Citizens

5 How it Works:

6 Building the Organisation:

7 :From Each According to their Ability


A The Generation of Policy

B The Role of Political Parties

C The ‘European Project’ & Sovereignty

D The ‘Reform’ Movement Hides what is Necessary

E Background Information