The People’s Convention is not running candidates in this Local Election, instead we are supporting the efforts of the newly formed Housing Rights & Reform Alliance.

The Alliance has six candidates in Cork city, each of whom has been active in their community and is dedicated to the people.  The Alliance is fully registered and their logo will appear on ballot papers, bringing focus to the issue of housing.

The People’s Convention has always tried to support the efforts of community groups and campaigns that stand up for the rights of the people.

CPPC sees our support for the new Alliance as fully compatible with what we have done in earlier elections, and this approach is a welcome development on that.

The Alliance is calling for agreement on the primary issues:

  1. The crisis in housing, in all its aspects, including social and affordable housing, proper rent controls, proper maintenance in both public and private rented properties and ending homelessness.
  2. The Alliance is also focused on reform and has published a number of policy papers offering practical recommendations.  These policy papers identify the problems in our electoral system and how they may be solved – partly through ending the state financing of Political Parties.  Policy is also offered on the issue of Public Consultation and how this might be made meaningful, through the use of local plebiscites (mini-referendum) that could be initiated either by a 10% petition of the voters, or by resolution of the local Council itself.
  3. The Alliance has targeted the corruption that is widespread in local Government, through the waste of public funds and through the manipulation of meetings and policy decisions.

We encourage support for the candidates of the Alliance.