THe Troika are no friend to Ireland
THe Troika are no friend to Ireland

The following is the text of our final bulletin for 2013, we reproduce it here in order to give people a flavor of what is going on and to encourage.

The Saturday Rally (in severe weather) was addressed by Diarmuid O’Flynn of the Ballyhea/Charleville Says NO! to Bondholder Bailout group, they have been marching against the robbery of the so-called ‘bailout’ right since this Government took up office, they have led the movement highlighting this scandal.  Also speaking was our our long term friend and associate Claire Cullinane, who started DebtOptions and works with several thousand families faced with bank debt. Finally Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, CPPC spokesperson, outlining the necessity for the people to challenge for power, he explained the aim of having local communities select our own candidates in the coming Local Elections, with a view to contesting and winning all seats on both City and County Council.

This weekend there are two events organised and we hope you can come and support them.

In particular, we are looking at Saturday’s March and Rally as appropriate for a family day out, it is our families and community that are under attack from the impositions of the Troika.

The details are as follow:

The ‘Bailout’ was for Banks, WE HAVE BEEN SOLD-OUT, AGAIN!”
SATURDAY 14th December, meet at Cork’s Opera House at 2pm for a march to Patrick’s Street where a Rally will be addressed by speakers dealing with the issues of bank debt, bondholders and the exclusion of the people from the decisions made.  The fact that not even 1 cent of the so-called ‘bailout’ of €69.7 billion has been spent in Ireland will be highlighted, as will the fact that the entire sum was handed over directly to save the banks and the Euro itself, these debts are not belong to the people. 

It has been a desasterous betrayal of the Irish people that this policy has been forced onto us by those who are supposed to be representing us, but don’t.

Why do the People of Cork not decide the priorities for Budget 2014?
MONDAY 16th December, meet at the Peace Park at 6pm for a march to City Hall where a Rally will be addressed on the issue of why City Council does not honour it’s Constitutional duty of providing “a forum for the democratic representation of local communities”.  On this occasion the point has been underlined by the Party whips, access to this rightful public meeting is closed to the people, 50 numbered tickets for guests are being issued through the parties!  It seems that City Hall prefers to work behind closed doors, they have even engaged private security to lock-down City Hall and keep the people out!

A number of guests will speak along with some who have stepped forward as People’s Candidates in the coming Local Elections.

These events are hosted by The People’s Convention and are not allowing the promotion of any Political Party or social-philosophy or ‘ism’, we are trying to advance the cause of democracy, inclusive of all the people and without pre-condition as to any policy preferences.

These are the main closing events of what has been a very busy year.  There are significant plans for 2014 beginning early in January, we hope you will join in and help make a success of this effort.

Our confidence is high with good reason – our experience finds that the people (us!) are crying out to have proper representation and to end the dictate of vested interests of any kind.

Whether in City or County, we hope you can make it to these events and stand side by side with others declaring that we have rights, asserting them, and being part of the movement of the people for democracy and real change in our country.