On Saturday the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer highlighting the issue of eviction and the case of the O’Sullivan family in Kanturk, Co. Cork, who are under threat from the County Sheriff.  Only the support of family, friends, neighbours and anti-eviction activists has prevented the aggressive attempts to evict the O’Sullivans.  A 24 hour watch is in place at the family home in Dún an Óir, awaiting the outcome of an appeal lodged in the courts last week.

Families should not be threatened with eviction, Banks should not be allowed to dictate state policy on this or any other issue, our Constitution states that it is the right of the people “to decide all questions of national policy”.

A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here, other adverts are included with the printed / .PDF copy.


The Banks, the State and Justice system are all collaborating to enforce the policy of ‘repossession’, i.e. evictions! 

Our families and homes are under attack, through ever increasing charges and actual evictions. This policy is being imposed on us by those who are duty bound to represent us, but do not.

With over 100,000 families in serious mortgage arrears the Central Bank and our Government are facilitating the greedy bankers – they should be DEFENDING us, PROTECTING us!

Suicide rates are at an all-time high, families are in desperation and feel abandoned in their own homes.

For the last two years, over 1,500 young people every week are forced into emigration – families are broken up, communities gutted. This is the highest rate of emigration since the 1840’s, when the FAMINE was imposed on Ireland, even though there was plenty of food!

Yet, despite these terrible things: last year we handed over €20 billion to Bondholders, this year we are paying €17 billion more, for a debt that is not ours, and their has been no public consultation! Our vast wealth is being stolen to service the banking monopolies – our fish, gas, oil, forestry, property, water, wind and, most disgracefully, ourselves – we are enslaved!

Are we to allow Sinéad McNamara, and her likes, to earn fees evicting families? doing the dirty work of bankers? Are we to lie down and accept dictate in our lives? Are these policies the preferences of the Irish people – we must not accept them – we have rights!

Our democracy has been hijacked by vested interests and their system of Political Parties, we must organise to dump them all, remove them from local and national Government and build the movement for our own empowerment. You can assist in building this movement: contact us by phone/email or SMS text – or visit Ionad an Phobail in Douglas Street, Cork.

You can Register your Interest in building this movement online.

Family, friends, neighbours and anti-eviction activists support the O’Sullivan family in Kanturk, who remain under threat of eviction from Sinéad McNamara, Cork County Sheriff, shamefully enforcing the demands of the bankers.