This is the lead article from the October 2021 issue of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER, the .PDF is available here.

The anti-lockdown campaign needs to change, consolidate and grow.
In order to do this it must clarify what it stands for; and it needs to uphold the highest democratic principles.

We welcome the fact that a debate has begun, to set out the principles that should underline a broad based people’s movement.

To win popular support, the campaign must be free of all vested interests.
Our guiding principles must create the broadest unity and bring us closer to the needs and interests of the majority.
So far, the campaign has been held back, people have been divided.

THE PEOPLE’S PAPER is happy to make a contribution to this discussion, here are some draft principles which may help:

To date the campaign has been held back by splits, by links to conspiracy theory, by right-wing association and by anti-socialist rhetoric and speeches.
Equally, the traditional ‘left’ have simply not defended the rights of working people, they have sided with the ruling elite and their globalism.

The working class has been deserted!

At times the campaign has become a circus, as if designed to keep people away from it – this must change.
Everyone has personal beliefs, but we can’t build unity based on them, we must embrace our common interests, the campaign must leave questions of ideology aside.

If a consensus can be reached, based on principles, then we will build the unity needed; until then Government has the upper hand, and they know it.
But what of the future, will vaccine passports be withdrawn?
Will the dictate on masks be removed? Will our right to Informed Consent on medical treatments be respected?
Will our Civil and Human Rights be protected against future violation?
Government is already renewing the Emergency Powers that it gave itself. They have advance orders for about 20 million vaccine boosters.
So, is the matter already decided?

Perhaps the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis is the payback of debts, inflation is already growing.
Government borrowing for Covid19 is estimated in the region of €50 billion.

But what happened the money?

It was borrowed from international Banks and paid out to all the usual vested interests, including Big Pharma and other corporate interests.
A lot of people have made money from Covid, including businesses enforcing segregation on medical grounds, including the media outlets and the paid ‘experts’ that made the whole thing possible.

The majority of working people have not yet taken up this issue, we must stand together and encourage them.
Our hope is that people throughout Ireland will step forward and take ownership of a movement for our own rights – but it won’t happen on its own.
Individuals need to take responsibility for the future, we cannot rely on others to act for us.
We will do our part. Your comments and feedback will be welcomed.