Electoral System is Corrupt

Over 50% never even voted in the Local Elections, that alone condemns the entire process, and of those who did vote, 46% voted for Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael – the question is why, and why?

Not only did they get re-elected, but they topped the voting nearly everywhere, and did so easily.

The same pattern showed throughout the country. Yes, there were some independents elected, but the results leave the old traditional Parties securely in power.

We believe that if the General Election happened in the coming weeks the result would be the same.

What are we to make of it all?
Deep analysis of our electoral system is required, and a specific examination of the results of this local election is warranted.

We know there is a general disaffection with Government.
The cost of living is higher than ever, queues for Healthcare are longer, housing is just a dream for so many.

The vast majority are dead against the ‘open borders’ policy which allows unchecked migration into Ireland, while our own youth are once again emigrating in search of work and somewhere to setup family and call home.

There is a general view that immigrants into our state are treated better than citizens, special provisions are being made for them that are otherwise unavailable.

Yet, FF and FG still top the polls!

There are many factors to consider in the search for answers.

The first is the reality that we live in a divided society. A significant section of the population are happy with the way things are, ‘thank you very much, don’t rock the boat’ …and they always vote, and they vote for FF and FG, or some other variant such as Greens, Labour or Social Democrats.

Another factor is the continuance of fake-opposition. The Parties on the so-called ‘left’ have pretended to be champions of the people, but they are not – they play an important role deceiving the people.

If the fake-opposition, mainly Sinn Féín and the so-called socialists of PbP and Solidarity, (along with a number of independent TDs) were really for the people they would have condemned Globalism a long time ago, but they haven’t done so.

If they were a real opposition, they would be on their feet every day in Leinster House, challenging the corruption and lack of democracy, having to be forcibly removed by stewards.

But they sit obediently while Ireland is sold-out, just making the occasional meaningless, and polite, protest.

Asking ordinary working class people why they didn’t vote might get replies such as:

“They are all crooks, in it for themselves, why vote for that?”

“When did voting ever do
us any good?”

The fact is – it is hard to deny the questions we have posed here.

The conservative Parties, and the fake-opposition, are in it for the money – for the fame and the status.

And, for most people, it is true to say that voting never changed anything – that is the reality.

We do live in a divided society, one in which power is in the hands of the super-rich, they own and run the Political Party system.

On the other side of this divide are the majority, the Working Class, those who produce all the wealth in our state through their labour.

The ruling elite organise the fake-opposition in order to divert any efforts by people to get organised.

We have said it many times, and we have made many efforts to encourage it – the people need a real opposition movement through which to act.

A very significant factor which makes the electoral system corrupt, is that the state finances the Political Party system itself, last year they received up to €24 million in public money to finance their activities.

It is near impossible for anyone to complete against that.

Of significance also, is the fiasco that is the Register of Electors. It has thousands of incomplete addresses and countless dead people not removed – all with votes.

Finally, we always allowed anyone who was a permanent or ‘ordinarily residency’ to vote in local elections.

But this year tens of thousands of immigrants in asylum centres were registered to vote – were they ‘ordinarily resident’?

We have no doubt that this has improperly impacted the results.