irelandArticle taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

This paper is to provide a voice to both defend the people’s rights and address our responsibility to find solutions for a brighter future.

It is published by The People’s Convention,

The editorial policy is to advance democracy itself, i.e.

the people’s (our) democracy.

To secure
our democracy means to end the abuse of the people’s mandate by the clique of Political Parties – which are actually private member clubs.

To do this we must give effect to the Constitutional provision which says that TD’s “represent constituencies”, not any Party or themselves individually.

To exercise our democracy means taking individual and collective responsibility.  We must organise the selection of our own People’s Candidates, elect them, mandate them and also assert the right to re-call our representatives.

Our democratic right must not be restricted to voting once every few years, we must assert it on a continuing basis and build the organisation required, in every constituency, to give effect to this.

To defend our democracy means that we must insist that our elected representatives do their job and represent the people, rather than representing any Party, themselves individually, or other vested interest.

Defending our democracy means to reject policy impositions and standing up for people’s rights.

We are a sovereign people, no interest group and no Party has a right to rule over us, to impose policy or usurp our democratic process for their own gain.

THE PEOPLE’S PAPER will support those who advocate for the people, we hope you will join in.

Let’s have the Discussion…

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We don’t promote any Political Party, ideology or pre-decided policy – to us, the issue is who decides the policies – is there democracy?

Our aim is the Empowerment of the People, that starts with taking responsibility.

Diarmaid Ó CADHLA, editor.
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