Public Debate on the Referendum…

The Peoples Convention in the Cork East Constituency have organised a Public Debate for Thursday 8th at 8.30pm, at the Holy Family Church Hall, in Youghal.

On the 10th of November, Saturday, citizens are asked to vote on a proposed amendment to our Constitution, the Government recommends it.

The “Children’s Referendum” has seen all the main Political Parties call for a ‘Yes‘ vote and there appears to be almost no opposition, at least not in official circles. It is odd that no one is organising public debate on this vital issue, nor are public bodies facilitating it … as they are duty bound to do.

Our Children are our most precious gift, of course we are all ‘for’ protecting them, they are our future and the future of our country.

The Peoples Convention has organised a debate, inviting anyone with a view to express to come and do so. We hope that both the ‘Yes‘ and the ‘No‘ side are well represented.

Our Children are far too important to have this vote without any effort to bring our community together to discuss it.

The Peoples Convention is not suggesting how anyone should vote, but we do wish to underline the importance of the issue and also the importance of our Constitution.

Our Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann, is the fundamental law governing and underlining everything in our state. Nobody is exempt from the provisions of the Constitution, it was enacted by the people and cannot be amended without our approval – so we should mind it and make sure its value or provisions are not diluted in any way.

Is there a need for Child Protection?

Of course there is! There has been gross abuse of children over the years, so yes, we need to ensure our children are protected in the best way possible.

Indeed the current economic climate is adding to the hardships faced by families and children. Currently it is estimated (by Government) that 450,000 people in Ireland live in what is termed “food poverty”, a lot of these are children – they need our protection and care!

This public debate asks the question: “Does this Protect our Children?”, lets have a discussion and air the many views on this very important issue. Lets discuss how the rights of families stand before and after this amendment, if passed, and lets consider what protections our children need at this time.

You are invited to join this debate and also encouraged to exercise your right to vote on this matter next Saturday.