irelandArticle taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

With continuously increasing rents and no affordable housing more find themselves out on the streets, over 6,600 are registered homeless, incl. 2,400 children.

We have seen the scandal of mothers with children living in cars, and individuals being found dead in doorways…. we have seen the cars dragged from rivers.

Maybe ‘sofa-surfing’ is a more common experience, or families returning to live with parents?

Year after year, our state refuses to declare an housing emergency, yet this has been demanded by all agencies involved.

Cork is reported to have the highest suicide rate, 70% above the national average!

A big factor in people’s desperation is the uncertainty that has taken over in every aspect of life.  Banks and Vulture Funds (enabled by our own NAMA) are seeking mass evictions, landlords are capitalising on laws and a market deliberately stacked in their favour.

People are the victims…

Faced with these crisis situations it is clear that people are not aware of their right, and lose out.  People are handing over keys far too easily and ending up on the streets or often emigrating.

Anyone facing re-possession (eviction) proceedings in court is advised to turn up and defend themselves; too many are giving the Banks a free run.  The same applies to private tenants in receipt of a ‘Notice of Termination’, you have rights and should seek advice.

Contact the TENANTS RIGHTS ASSOCIATION on 021-2428310