discussionFor interest: we are publishing the invitation received from Séamus Ó Muilleanóir (aka James Miller)  to the national conference/discussion taking place Saturday 24th August on the question of Empowerment and the formation of a people’s movement for democracy – with a view that the people should contest the coming elections.

The People’s Convention are happy to support this initiative and all others to advance the Empowerment of the People.


A Dhaoiní uaisle, please read the attached.It isn’t perfect, but it is short and to the point. Please read it carefully and please also respond, in the positive or the negative,ASAP. Please also note that there are more than 30 on this email loop…….if we make that 60 , then all the better.  I am sure that each of you know at least one other person whom you would like to join in this critical conference. This is not about egos…………..this is strictly about defining an alternative, viable and functional political system for Ireland……….NOTHING ELSE.

Time is of the essence.


As of 5 August, 2013, the Irish electorate has but one choice politically: it can vote for one political party or an different political party: independents don’t much matter as they rarely have any say in government. One has to question if there is a viable alternative political system, and one has to ask if the public is interested in any case? Yes people complain about this and that, but how far will the public go to make change. Unfortunately, recent history suggests that the electorate need to have it given to them on a plate:  perhaps that’s because so much energy has been leaked out of the country through emigration, and the rest are just too busy trying to make a living.

One way or another, as of now we have no alternative on offer. It is now less than 10 months to the EU and Co Council elections, if indeed there will still be an EU by next May. We must presume that it will survive, albeit probably without the euro.

Having been present at so many meetings over the past 12 months, In many corners of the country, I am suggesting that those people who really want an alternative to today’s failed parliamentary democratic system, kept in place by a silly whip system, hold a get together on 24 August at the Red Cow Inn, at 10am with the following definitive objectives

  1. To define the political failings of the current system
  2. To define a viable and functional alternative to parliamentary democracy, and to the ‘political party’ system
  3. To present that alternative to the electorate by way of press release in the immediate aftermath of the meeting.

I suggest this to the persons emailed here, and I suggest that each person here invite one other person of significance ie.a person who is also interested in this agenda, and who has the gravitas to engage and carry the debate towards a viable and valid conclusion.

There are at least three different part models which have been discussed to some degree,and even if they all have certain common aspects, each also has significant emphases.

1. Direct Democracy

2. Consultative Democracy

3. Participatory Democracy

4. ????????????????????????

In no case is there a full and viable alternative system on offer to the public: CAN WE RESOLVE THIS MATTER??? The biggest deficiency is that of making the alternative work: The motor needs wheels, so to speak.


If there is sufficient support here for this meeting on 24 Aug next, then I SUGGEST  that each person attending will be given 5 minutes (max) to outline their most important issue……….ie the biggest failing with the current political system. Phase two of the conference should be devoted to solutions, and phase three to the implementation of agreed solutions.

For your immediate response /comments etc.