Uimhir 55 – Stand up, be counted?

Eagrán Uimhir #55 – Aibreáin / Bealtaine 2024 LIES: “Isn’t that what you tend to do during an election” said former Minister Pat Rabbitte. “Democracy needs to be managed, we need a strong Party system and a strong ‘whip’ system” says Leo Varadkar, and outgoing Minister Coveney: “I would be wary enough about the election […]

Bridget Scanlon – Miscarriage of Justice

Bridget Scanlon – Miscarriage of Justice The following Video Reports and Links might explain the case of Bridget Scanlon: Interview outside Tusla offices: Interview outside Carlow Courthouse: Report from Conviction

Protect Your Children!

Even though at NO risk from Covid19, Government is expected to allow BigPharma to inject dangerous Vaccines into children just 12 years old Common sense has gone out the door, the lockdown provisions have been extended, but for how long we do not know. What we do know is that Government has linked the issue […]

End the Lockdown!

Last month Dr David Nabarro, the WHO’s special envoy on Covid19, urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary control method of the health crisis. (article from THE PEOPLE’S PAPER, download it here.) He warned that the only thing lockdowns achieve is poverty: ” Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never […]

What is The People’s Convention?

An Chomhdháil Phobail I The People’s Convention (CPPC) is the organisation of the entire electorate, on a Constituency and Local Electoral Area basis. The guiding principle of CPPC is that sovereignty rests with the people and that all affairs of state must be subject to decision by the people, without restriction. CPPC is a movement, […]

The Political Parties have NO solution! – cppc

Today the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer, dealing with the question of Political Parties, highlighted this week in the media. A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here, other adverts are included with the printed / .PDF copy. A .PDF copy of the A6 Flyer used to promote the meeting on November 6th […]

Lies: “Isn’t that what you tend to do during an election?”

A pronouncement on our democracy! In last weeks debate on RTÉ’s The Week in Politics programme Minister Pat Rabbitte revealed the truth about Labour’s attitude towards the citizens and honesty in the political process. Rabbitte was asked by the presenter àbout Labour’s election promises, not to cut child benefit, about “Frankfurts Way or Labour’s Way!” […]

Brendan Doris speaking on Near 90fm

Brendan Doris joins Michael FitzGerald on Northside2Day and outlines why The People’s Convention (CPPC), is a political party of the entire Irish electorate, rather than one that just supports sectional interests. CPPC seek to reclaim the true meaning of the constitution and return power to the People of Ireland.

If the people ran our country, would the Vita Cortex workers be abandoned?

Fellow Citizens, The treatment of the workers at Vita Cortex sends us all an important message, the injustice done to them is done to us all, it must not pass. One of the revealing aspects of this dispute is the manner in which the political party representatives behave, particularly those elected and in government. Without […]

Appendix D: The ‘Reform’ Movement Hides what is Necessary

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) There have been many hundreds of new organisations created by thousands of concerned people to address some aspect or another of the current situation or even to propose an overall solution. Many initiatives have been taken with new action groups, campaigns, protests and resistance movements springing up, with […]

Appendix C: The ‘European Project’ and Sovereignty

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The coalition Government has promised “major constitutional change” and is already putting in place plans for a “Convention” expected to take place during 2012. Already we have had two referendums to amend Bunreacht na hÉireann, many more are expected in the coming few years to give effect to […]

Appendix B: Role of Political Parties

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) At the moment everything in Ireland seems to be upside down. The current political system is one of rule over the people by a system of political parties. These parties do not just implement the policies of the powers-that-be at home in Ireland but when they lose their […]

Appendix A: Generation of Policy

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The People’s Convention as an organisation has only one policy: democracy, how to secure it, how to exercise it and how to defend it. The role of The People’s Convention is to create the means and provide the forums for citizens to formulate the people’s policies on all […]

7. From Each According to their Ability and Means

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The first step begins with ourselves. Just like the saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so the creation of an organisation of all citizen voters begins with individuals who see the necessity to get organised. Everyone has plenty of obligations in life […]

6. Building the Organisation

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The task now is to build The People’s Convention in every constituency and in every part (local electoral wards) of each constituency. To coordinate the effort, there is a need to create a National Committee. Building the organisation requires individuals who see this necessity; and step forward and […]

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