Open Borders?

The current policy on Immigration is a betrayal of Irish people, it is a denial of proper economic and social planning, it reduces the value of Citizenship to nothing, it is a denial of statehood itself, all to serve Globalism There was a saying long ago: “good fences make good neighbours” Article taken from the […]

Cork Celebrates an Important Centenary Year

Lives Taken in the Struggle for Freedom This is the lead article from issue 14 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER, a .PDF copy the A3 paper can be download here. “ The men who have led Ireland for twenty-five years have done evil, and they are bankrupt. They are bankrupt in policy, bankrupt in credit, bankrupt now […]

Whose Policy is this? we are Robbed, Lied to and Sold-out!

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER. If you read it in a book twenty years ago you would have laughed. Throughout the world people look at Ireland in disbelief, how can a country with such resources, with such education and with such history allow itself to be treated as we allow it. […]

A message to the Government

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER Peace is a most precious commodity you must not let it be taken away by extra-taxing our homes and water on an errant path you stray. The fox and badger have a home birds of the air have nests now our children have to emigrate across […]

We are Europeans now; no Gaeilge here!

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER Owners at The Flying Enterprise bar and restaurant in Cork caused public protest in September as a member of staff lost his job for speaking Irish. “We are Europeans now” declared management, making excuses but refusing to apologise for insulting the people or put matters right. […]

Budgets – Local and National – It’s business as usual, the People are Screwed!

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER Our Councils have voted to increase Local Property Tax (LPT), saying that the funds are needed for salaries and to maintain existing services.  Commercial rates are also increased, but spending on ‘white elephants’ and junkets is to continue. Dozens of top earners in city and county […]

Right to Water… Revolution is the Best Theatre

(article by Christabel Parkhurst.) Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER  ‘Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people, Who will not be slaves again!’ In ‘Les Miserables’, revolution is made by photogenic actors singing harmonies.  Eating rats and corpses doesn’t figure […]

Military History Archive, an online resource for 1916 and later

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER Readers may be interested to explore the Military History Archives to read some of the many witness statements of those who participated in the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and Civil War. The archive is online at: One account reviewed (No. 1521) for this […]

Decision on Controversial Third Attempt at Incinerator Due at End of October

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER A decision is due on 26 October from An Bord Pleanála on Indaver Ireland’s third effort to get planning to build a 240,000 tonne hazardous and non hazardous waste incinerator at Ringaskiddy, Co Cork . The application was lodged in January 2016 and a 17 day […]

Do Not Leave Your Home!

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER With continuously increasing rents and no affordable housing more find themselves out on the streets, over 6,600 are registered homeless, incl. 2,400 children. We have seen the scandal of mothers with children living in cars, and individuals being found dead in doorways…. we have seen the […]

Poll shows that Public wants Referendum on TTIP and CETA

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER In July UPLIFT, the social justice group, commissioned a Red C poll on the new trade agreements being discussed by the EU.   When asked, the people gave a resounding answer: 74% want a referendum on TTIP & CETA. 62% think that we should not reduce […]

When is a Leak not a Leak? Irish Water

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER Remember the talk about conserving water, and claims of 50% loss through leaks?  We can’t tolerate leaks, can we? We are reliably informed that staff in Irish Water’s (IW) call centre are on commission based on the number of appointments they make regarding leak investigation. This […]

Editorial Policy – THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER This paper is to provide a voice to both defend the people’s rights and address our responsibility to find solutions for a brighter future. It is published by The People’s Convention, The editorial policy is to advance democracy itself, i.e. To Secure To Exercise and To […]

Ár dTriail   

Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER. Le seo, an chéad eagrán clóbhuailte den iris, tá céim mhór chun tosaigh tógtha againn. Tá muid ag dul amuigh i measc an phobail chun mór ceisteanna ár linne a phlé agus chun dul i mbun gníomh. An gníomh atá i gceist againn ná chun cinntiú […]