Lies: “Isn’t that what you tend to do during an election?”

A pronouncement on our democracy! In last weeks debate on RTÉ’s The Week in Politics programme Minister Pat Rabbitte revealed the truth about Labour’s attitude towards the citizens and honesty in the political process. Rabbitte was asked by the presenter àbout Labour’s election promises, not to cut child benefit, about “Frankfurts Way or Labour’s Way!” […]

Our sovereign right is indivisible, it is a whole thing in itself …

Tweet posted by @gratire : Our sovereign right is indivisible, it is a whole thing in itself & cannot be broken into ‘economic’ or other bits #rtept #cppc #vinb Diarmaid (@gratire) stated: We are either a sovereign people or we are not.  We can’t be partly slaves, we are either slaves or we are not.  We either […]

There is no such concept as “economic sovereignty”,..

Tweet posted by @gratire : There is no concept of “economic sovereignty”, this subdivision of our inalienable right is to hide the truth, we are enslaved! #rtept#cppc This was a response to the constant statements by Government ministers, trying to convince us that they have no choices in the policy they follow, because our “economic […]

Minister Coveney Casually Dismisses Election Promises

As manager of Fine Gael’s campaign during the Fiscal Compact Treaty Debate, Minister Simon Coveney casually dismissed the validity of election promises.  In response to the now French President’s election demand for re-negotiation of the Treaty, Coveney said that one couldn’t treat election promises seriously.  At least he speaks according to how Fine Gael have acted! […]