Call to Get Organised

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: CPPC was formed in November 2010 and following public meetings in Cork, Dublin, Carlow-Kilkenny and Wexford four candidates contested the General Election standing on a platform for democracy, winning over 1600 first preferences. The Peoples Convention has brought the issue of empowerment to the fore. We have declared […]

Policy of ‘Bailout’ is Imposed on the People

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: The anti-bailout protesters in Ballyhea/Charleville in Cork have passed the first anniversary of their weekly march. All the time they have demanded an end to the bailout, saying that it has no mandate from the people, and that it was wrong that the public should have to pay […]

Will Campaigns, Protests or Petitions make Citizens the Decision Makers?

Published in Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: Brendan Doris of Dublin Mid-West attended a local meeting recently on the issue of household charges and has some thoughts on the wider problem this throws up The citizens of this country are being increasingly forced to mount campaign after campaign against one type of depravation or another due […]

Important Constitutional Challenge to SIPO

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: Let’s discuss the Lack of Standards in Public Office and the ‘party system’, in Court! Diarmaid Ó Cadhla (right) has called the Standards In Public Office (SIPO) legislation a fraud and a: “smokescreen that masks the corruption and backroom dealings of the party system”. In a statement The […]

It is the Right of the People to Rule

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: Dáil Representatives and Government must Carry Out the Will of the People, and not just at Election Time! With the publication of this first edition of Convention, we take the next step in the programme to create the new way for Irish Citizens to exercise our constitutional and […]

Editorial Policy of ‘Convention‘ Newspaper

Published in Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: The content of ‘Convention’ is determined by the single objective of The People’s Convention, democracy itself: To Secure To Exercise and To Defend the people’s (our) democracy. To secure our democracy means to end the abuse of the people’s mandate by the clique of political parties – […]

2. The Cause – Private Member Clubs of Vested Interests

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) From the beginning the Dáil has framed and passed laws to ensure that the selection and election of public representatives would be dominated by political parties. These political parties have come to represent the powerful vested interests that control our state. These same vested interests own the financial […]

A complete lack of democracy – there is a double threat in this referendum!

Statement issued Monday 21st May outside Dáil Éireann People must be careful with this referendum because the question is not presented properly at all.  Even though we only have one vote, there are two distinct aspects to the proposal that will be on the ballot paper when we vote. There are only two sentences in […]

Important challenge to SIPO legislation

A .PDF copy of the statement can be downloaded here. A General Election (2011) candidate has demanded that the State proceed with prosecutions against him under the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) legislation. Diarmaid Ó Cadhla (Cork South Central) is refusing to return SIPO Statutory Declarations arising out of participation in the election last year.  […]

5. How it Works

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The People’s Convention needs to be established in every constituency as a political organisation of all electors – through which the people will exercise their democratic right to direct State affairs at national and local level. It is not just for election time. The People’s Convention is active […]

3. The Solution – Implement the Constitution – End the rule of Political Parties

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) So the matter is clear. We need to end the rule over us, the citizens, by this system of political parties of narrow interests. They play out a game of government and opposition in the Dáil but on all the critical questions they actually collaborate in implementing unjust […]

1. The Issue – A People Ruled Over Rather than Ruling

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) In the period since the onset of the debt and banking crisis in 2008, a series of extraordinary decisions have been made in the name of the Irish people: The IMF/ECB/EU has been allowed to take over managing our national budgets. Tens of billions of Euro have been […]

Introduction – The Irish People and Our State

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The Irish people are at once an ancient and a fully modern people. We are well educated, hardworking and steeped in democratic tradition. We are known the world over for our generosity and our solidarity with other peoples in their times of crisis. As a people, we […]

Appendix E1: Formation of The People’s Convention

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) A group of citizens, from all walks of life, including professionals and business people, launched The People’s Convention late in 2010. They were stirred into action by the shameful actions of the powers-that-be and their political parties in heaping the burden of the all sided crisis (social, economic […]

None of the issues are the issue

In this election, as always, ‘policies’ on issues are being auctioned off – in a competition to win votes on the basis of promises. Some candidates are emphasising hospitals and cutbacks, others jobs, strategic investments and others the need for more Gardaí. Some are promising better school facilities, assistance for special needs and care for […]

Brendan Doris – Election statement to the citizens of Dublin West

I am standing in this election to propose a new way for the citizens of this country to exercise their franchise, to empower themselves. The Constitution only says we should send representatives from he Constituencies not political party representatives. The political parties are just private member clubs of vested interests, of various colours. No political […]

Restating the case for democracy

There is a lot to do …. We are currently re-drafting the ideas & programme of The Peoples Convention, it is time to sum-up the experience of the last few months since we launched and to consider what we have learned.  It is hoped to have a draft document available for review in the next two […]

We took a stand!

The Peoples Convention would like to thank all those who supported our candidates and our programme for democratic renewal in this election.  We knew we were unprepared and under-resourced for this campaign, having only initiated our movement late in November, nonetheless we felt compelled to take a stand for what is right and are happy […]

We can be effective by doing something that will bring immediate change

A final word before the vote The following was contained in an A5 flyer issued in the last few days, .PDF download available here. Why not elect someone who is contracted to consult you on all issues and to accept your mandate on how to vote in Dáil Éireann? Doing this will transform how our democracy works … […]

Appendix E2: Candidate Undertakings

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) A solemn declaration on accepting nomination for election as a candidate of The Peoples Convention:- On nomination as a candidate of The Peoples Convention I declare: Sovereignty in Ireland rests with the people of Ireland, all authority derives from the people and all political, social and economic affairs […]

A New Way for our Democracy

Elect Candidates selected by and contracted to the people, not political parties! In the sort time since its first public meeting on 14th December The Peoples Convention has generated much interest throughout the country.  There has already been 9 publically organised meetings held and many more discussions in different parts of the country, and there […]

But what if we, the electorate, act differently?

Talk delivered by Brendan Doris at the Dublin Launch of An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention on January 18th This is a very special gathering that has come together in the capital today. For a couple of weeks now meetings have been taking place around the country. We have held two in Cork city […]

Cork meeting addresses the issue of how the people can empower themselves

The Metropole Hotel in Cork was the venue for CPPC’s first public meeting. The attendance of about 40 people came to discuss how the people can empower themselves Further meetings are being planned for Cork, Dublin, Galway and Carlow early in the New Year. The meeting was encouraging and was characterised by the quality and […]

Open letter: the next steps

To registered members and supporters of CPPC Dear Friends, Welcome to CPPC, your active participation in the movement for democratic renewal is essential if the people are to prevail. The imminent general election adds urgency to mobilizing every person to come forward to assert our right to have the say in how our country is […]

On the right of RECALL after election

On the question of RECALL, which CPPC advocates: We think all candidates should commit to accepting the right of the electors, in the local constituency, to recall them – if they wish to do so. Until this can become actual law, through modification to Bunreacht na hÉireann, it may be difficult to enforce, but having […]

As citizens, we must come forward and claim our own democracy

We are not powerless! Let us act like the sovereign people we are! Secure, Exercise and Defend Our Democracy! The crisis is creating deep anxiety and anger in the population at large. There is growing concern about rising unemployment, renewed emigration, the number of business closures, wage and salary cuts, short-time working, family break-ups, youth […]