The solution is in sight… We need no Party or Private Clubs to rule over us!

DEMOCRACY is the entitlement of the people The People’s Candidates stood in this election with just one aim – that our communities should be represented. Our stand is that the people, our communities, must be represented – not the private clubs called Political Parties that have sold us out time after time. On the door […]

Stand-up for IRELAND?

The following three short articles are included on the flyer released today in Cork, to mark our National Day and to call on people to do something of significance to mark the day in a meaningful way, by standing up for ourselves! A .PDF of the A4 size flyer can be downloaded here. Caithfimid an […]

Whose City is it anyway?

The following is the text of the latest A5 flyer published in Cork. A .PDF copy of this can be download here or viewed here. We must ensure that Council represents the people of Cork, not any Political Party, ‘Pact’ or vested interests Decisions at City Hall are made to serve the foreign imposed agenda of the […]

We are not represented! – cppc

10th December 2013 PRESS RELEASE: This weekend the people of Cork are invited to take a stand in favour of our own empowerment, to reject the dictate that has become accepted in our democratic process. CPPC is hosting two public events: On Saturday 14th at 2pm people are invited to assemble at the Opera House […]

Why is DICTATE part of our Democracy? – cppc

The following is the text from the flyer published today by CPPC, to promote the marches and rallies next weekend, marking our completion of the Troika so-called ‘bailout’ and also the issue presented by Cork City Council’s Budget 2014 meeting. A .PDF of the A5 size flyer can be downloaded here, it contains adverts on […]

Who let them Steal our Future? – cppc

The Troika have completed their final review and are packing their bags to leave Ireland on December 15th. Have we been saved? They say we passed the reviews and are now on course to economic recovery. They tell us we are re-gaining our sovereignty, that the future is bright, that our sacrifice has been worth […]


PRESS RELEASE, 30th October 2013 THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT will be launched at a public meeting in Gurranabraher next Wednesday 6th November.  Voters are being asked to nominate their own candidates for the coming Local and European elections, and not to rely on the Political Parties. Nominated candidates will be asked to sign THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, a […]

The Political Parties have NO solution! – cppc

Today the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer, dealing with the question of Political Parties, highlighted this week in the media. A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here, other adverts are included with the printed / .PDF copy. A .PDF copy of the A6 Flyer used to promote the meeting on November 6th […]

EVICTIONS: Getting paid for dumping families out of their homes? – cppc

On Saturday the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer highlighting the issue of eviction and the case of the O’Sullivan family in Kanturk, Co. Cork, who are under threat from the County Sheriff.  Only the support of family, friends, neighbours and anti-eviction activists has prevented the aggressive attempts to evict the O’Sullivans.  A 24 hour […]

YOU have the Right to Decide Policy – cppc

It begins when we assert that Right together! There is a Solution to the Crisis, we must work for our own EMPOWERMENT! A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here. We must end the system which allows powerful groups of vested interests decide matters for us. Let’s start with City Council… our […]


THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT will be presented to all candidates in the coming elections, regardless of who selected them. It is to assert the primacy of the people and declare our right to decide all matters of state policy – not just once every few years, but continuously, on every issue up for resolution. Following discussion […]


For interest: we are publishing the invitation received from Séamus Ó Muilleanóir (aka James Miller)  to the national conference/discussion taking place Saturday 24th August on the question of Empowerment and the formation of a people’s movement for democracy – with a view that the people should contest the coming elections. The People’s Convention are happy […]

We, the People, must Contest the coming Elections – cppc

The following is the text from a leaflet published in Cork by the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group.  A .PDF copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here. Having City Council Controlled by the People is the First Step towards solving our problems Nationally The problem in Ireland is that the people are effectively excluded from deciding […]

We Must Defend Our Democratic Right! – cppc

The following statement was issued to the media in Cork this morning, on behalf of Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group. Statement by Cork’s “for DEMOCRACY!” group A serious issue arises from the weekend’s events in Cork that should concern everyone.  A concerted effort was made by officials claiming to represent Cork City Council to stop the […]

Cork East: What about the Empowerment of Citizens?

NOTE: This meeting was initially advertised for 9th May, our mistake, sorry. This meeting is to launch the new programme of The Peoples Convention in the Cork East Constituency – starting in Youghal. Everyone is invited, regardless of any existing political or party affiliations (if any), regardless of policy preferences, social outlook or any other […]

We must continue to work for democracy

The deepening crisis makes the task of building our democracy movement all the more essential. This meeting is organised to sum up the work since our first meeting on December 14th last, including the general election campaign. While the meeting is open to everyone, we hope that all those who helped in any way with […]

Criminals Rule in Ireland! and they are laughing… – cppc

This is the text of a leaflet published by Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group, a .PDF can be downloaded here. They still play golf on the right courses and enjoy privilege beyond imagination! As a people we are ruled over by powerful vested interests, native and foreign. That is why we are forced to pay-up for […]

Senior Citizen Bullied & Threatened into Compliance: LPT!

The following letter was received by us on Thursday 28th, the last official registration day for Local Property Tax (LPT).  The letter is being sent by a distressed son and his aging mother to their local public representatives and to Government – which is supposed to represent them! Is this how we choose to treat […]

Youth & Students, Stand Up for Your Future! – cppc

This is the content of a leaflet produced by the ‘for DEMOCRACY!‘ group in Cork, they are engaged in opposing the imposition of policy on the people, such as the Local Property Tax, and they are working to encourage the community to select it’s own candidates in the local elections expected next year. A .PDF […]

On the Suggested Postponement of Elections! – cppc

P R E S S   R E L E A S E  –  Tuesday April 16th, 2013 On the Suggested Postponement of Elections! The recent statement by Cork city Councillor Jim Corr,  to postpone the coming Local Elections, is a glaring example of disregard for our democracy – this is the same disregard which has […]

South East Electoral Ward for DEMOCRACY!

The People’s Convention in Cork South Central welcomes a new initiative on the side of the people: Press Release, 12th March 2014: End the Dictate of Political Parties! In it’s first Public Statement the newly established group, the ‘South East Electoral Ward for DEMOCRACY!‘  has called on people to reject demands from the Revenue Commissioners […]


Articles in DISCUSSION are published according to the guidelines of the Editors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPPC, they are to encourage investigation and discussion on the issues facing us. This article is a timely contribution, Government is planning installation of water meters throughout the country in the coming months – preparations […]

YOU are the Solution! – cppc

Get a .PDF image of the A5 leaflet here, including an advert for opening of the People’s Resource Centre in Cork. The problem we face was shown clearly this week in Dáil Éireann. A ‘deal’ was made by the inner circle, then imposed on Government, and then imposed on the Dáil … who will impose it […]

It is time to End the Scandal! – cppc

Our Democracy is usurped by Vested Interests and their Political Parties! [a .PDF image of the flyer is available for download here] It seems there is very litte sacred to Government, especially truth and justice. Some weeks ago Minister Rabbitte explained about lies… “isn’t that something you tend to do during an election”! Minister Varadkar […]

Public Forum on Bond Payment of over €2.5 billion, in our name!

P R E S S   R E L E A S E  –  Monday January 7th, 2013  (.PDF downloadable here.) The People’s Convention are hosting a Public Forum in Cork next Monday to discuss the payment of bonds costing over €2.5 billion, being paid in our name on behalf of Irish Life & Permanent. Spokesperson […]

An open Letter – Let’s make 2013 count!

Dear friends, Greetings and best wishes to you and yours for 2013! We are starting the year in full confidence that there will be significant progress made in the democratic movement generally, and we have some immediate plans to share with you. Firstly, on MONDAY 14th of January, CPPC in Cork are hosting a Public […]


Articles in DISCUSSION are published according to the guidelines of the Editors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPPC, they are to encourage investigation and discussion on the issues facing us. Katie Taylor, Riverdance, Munster Rugby, the 1988/1990 Soccer Teams, gifted people in the Arts, Medicine, Science, in Education, in Sport and in Business and […]


We are pleased to publish the following contribution to DISCUSSION and invite comment or articles from anyone who wishes to express a view.  Articles are published according to the guidelines of the Editors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPPC, they are published in order to encourage investigation and discussion on the issues […]

Brophy Solicitors Letter to Kathy Sinnott

For information we are re-producing this letter received by Kathy Sinnott requesting assistance from members of the public in compiling statements to support the challenge to the result of the Childrens Referendum. Our Ref:   KB/REF1.1Your Ref: Ms Kathy Sinnott, By email only 14th December 2012 REFERENDUM CHALLENGE Dear Kathy, As you know, we are […]

Court Challenge to Referendum Result

As you are aware the recent referendum on Children’s Rights was passed by the people, it is now part of Bunreacht na hÉireann. However, the validity of the referendum result is being challenged in the courts and has been the subject of broad discussion among individuals and groups concerned with the issue of democracy. On […]

Let us adopt the Solution that leads to our own Empowerment! – cppc

[Updated since initial leaflet, published for Dublin protest on 24th Nov. ’12] a PDF of the updated is available here. Friends, there are many questions…  high amongst them is what our protest is going achieve?  Where is our campaign or protest going? It is the right of citizens to determine the policy of our state, yet policy is imposed […]

Does this Protect our Children?

Public Debate on the Referendum… The Peoples Convention in the Cork East Constituency have organised a Public Debate for Thursday 8th at 8.30pm, at the Holy Family Church Hall, in Youghal. On the 10th of November, Saturday, citizens are asked to vote on a proposed amendment to our Constitution, the Government recommends it. The “Children’s […]

Public Representatives must fulfil their Constitutional duty

P R  E S S   R E L E A S E The following statement is issued in response to a number of events in the past week: 1. The sending out of 8,500 letters demanding payment of household charges, from families that are already hard pressed.  The funds being required to replace Government cuts […]

What do we Expect from our Public Representatives? – cppc

This is the text from a leaflet distributed in the South East Electoral Ward of Cork City, in response to a Public Meeting called by a local Fine Gael Councillor.  A .PDF copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here. ————————————————– It is a long time since any public representative in the South East Ward […]

Paying €1billion AIB bond on October 1st … a national scandal!

The following is the text from a leaflet used to promote a Public Meeting to be held in Blackrock, Cork on Monday 24th Sept.  A .PDF copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here. October 1st … scandal ! On October 1st, WE, through AIB Bank (which we own) are going to give €1 billion […]

We Need to Defend Bunreacht na hÉireann

Contribution to the discussion on Empowerment and the Importance of Bunreacht na hÉireann, and a call to action! 8th August 2012, by Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, who is spokesperson for The Peoples Convention A .PDF copy of this article is available for download here (layout updated, Nov. ’12) (all text in quotations is from Bunreacht na hÉireann, […]

We have a solution for Rousseau’s Dream

Reflection on an article by Vincent Browne Vincent Browne, writing on the website, in a thought provoking piece on the 300th  anniversary of the birth of Jean Jacque Rousseau focuses upon the burning issue of our time – the reality that we are a people ruled over rather than ruling. Vincent Browne says that […]

Is Fúinn Féin Rudaí a Chur ina gCeart

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: Is léir go bhfuil an tír seo saibhir, cé nách deirtear go rómhinic é, agus b’fhéidir gurb é sin an fáth go bhfuil suim ag an gcóras idirnáisiúnta airgeadais ionainn? Tá bia á sholáthair againn do leath an Aontas Eorpaigh (AE) agus taobh amuigh de sin freisin. Ag […]

If the People ran Our Country, would the Vita Cortex Workers be Abandoned?

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: The treatment of the staff at Vita Cortex must be of concern to us all. One of the revealing aspects of this dispute has been the manner in which the political party representatives behave, particularly those elected and in government. Without hesitation, they are all in ‘support’ of […]

Referendum May 31st. (Fiscal Stability Treaty)

PDF image of Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper: Since 1997, the Stability & Growth Pact (SGP) was the system to deal with the debt crisis. It limited deficits to 3% and debt to 60% of GDP – an initiative of Germany. The SGP failed and both budget deficits & national debt are in crisis throughout the […]