Ending the Lockdown?

Ending the Lockdown? This is the lead article from the October 2021 issue of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER, the .PDF is available here. The anti-lockdown campaign needs to change, consolidate and grow.In order to do this it must clarify what it stands for; and it needs to uphold the highest democratic principles. We welcome the fact […]

Rally for TRUTH!

There is a better way to treat Covid19 than lockdown, it needs to focus on the vulnerable and on preventative care in the community. (article from issue 18 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER) We remind people that vitamin D supplements are effective. Civil Rights are being trampled on, our fundamental human right to meet, work, travel […]

Why the Fear & Scare Mongering?

LESS people are dying in Ireland this winter than for many years. In fact, since the peek of the Covid19 crisis last March/April 450 less people died than over the same period in 2019, this is a fact. This month THE PEOPLE’S PAPER have an exclusive report on claimed Covid19 deaths versus actual excess deaths […]

Cork Celebrates an Important Centenary Year

Lives Taken in the Struggle for Freedom This is the lead article from issue 14 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER, a .PDF copy the A3 paper can be download here. “ The men who have led Ireland for twenty-five years have done evil, and they are bankrupt. They are bankrupt in policy, bankrupt in credit, bankrupt now […]

Focus on the Housing Crisis!

The People’s Convention is not running candidates in this Local Election, instead we are supporting the efforts of the newly formed Housing Rights & Reform Alliance. The Alliance has six candidates in Cork city, each of whom has been active in their community and is dedicated to the people.  The Alliance is fully registered and […]

Silence is Acceptance

Recent statements made by the EU Parliament’s BREXIT co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, and by French president Macron, regretting that the EU could not launch military strikes similar to the recent attack on Syria, reveal to us the dangers that lie behind our membership of PESCO. PESCO, the EU’s common security and defence operations, commits Ireland to […]

Government must Declare a National Emergency on Housing & Homelessness

The People’s Convention supports fully the demands made by the Housing Action Group that a NATIONAL EMERGENCY be declared on the issue of housing and homelessness. The aim of the campaign is: That homelessness be eliminated, families living in B&B or hostel accommodation or in cars or on the streets must become a thing of […]

Meeting to form National Campaign on #Irexit – Oct 22nd, Dublin

We need to Leave the EU With BREXIT, we have been handed an historic opportunity to take control of our own economy; we have an opportunity to renew domestic industry and to end restrictions placed on us by the EU. (here is a .PDF of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER) To take this opportunity we must leave […]

Jobstown – the Judgment is Political…

We have a RIGHT to free Expression, Assembly and to Protest, without Political Interferance! You can download a .PDF copy of the A5 size flyer here. On Friday a youth was convicted of “falsely imprisoning” former Minister Joan Burton; he was just 15 years old at the time of the JOBSTOWN Irish Water protest.JusticeJustice The protest occurred […]

Demand a Referendum on our Membership of the EU

Our future is sold-out, neither our economy, laws nor standard of living are under our own control, our Sovereign Right is denied. A .PDF image of this flyer is available for download here. We invite you to support the demand for an organised Public Debate and a Referendum on our continued membership of the European […]

There is an Underlying Problem…

Boycott Irish Water

A .PDF copy of this A4 flyer, released for the January 31st Boycott Irish Water protests in Cork is available for download here. ——————————————————————————– It is as if we have no rights in deciding the policy of our own state…  must we accept dictate? Are we being represented by those whose duty it is to […]

The issue we face is lack of DEMOCRACY


Our rights as a people are denied. We are dictated to, we are threatened in our own homes, our senior citizens are abused, our children’s future thrown away – and for what??? Our entitlement to democracy has been hijacked by groups of vested interests who dictate over us. We have tax upon tax, cutback on […]

The solution is in sight… We need no Party or Private Clubs to rule over us!

DEMOCRACY is the entitlement of the people The People’s Candidates stood in this election with just one aim – that our communities should be represented. Our stand is that the people, our communities, must be represented – not the private clubs called Political Parties that have sold us out time after time. On the door […]

Local Elections – CONDEMN THE PARTY ‘WHIP’!

STATEMENT from the LARGEST single grouping of non-Party Candidates in the coming local elections. Today, a total of 19 candidates in the local elections confirmed their signing of THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, they are from Cork, Monaghan, Limerick and Dublin. All local election candidates have been invited to confirm their commitment to democracy, something which […]

Seoladh Feachtas Toghchánaíochta #le14

Ráiteas Preas – 8ú lá, Aibreáin 2014 Inniu, ós comhair Halla na Cathrach i gCorcaigh, seoladh feachtas toghchánaíochta an eagraíocht An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC). Tá an CPPC ag tacú le 17 Iarrthóir Phobail, People’s Candidates, ins na toghcháin áitiúil ag deireadh Mí Bealtaine seo chugainn, tá triúr  i mBaile Átha Cliath, duine […]

Stand-up for IRELAND?

The following three short articles are included on the flyer released today in Cork, to mark our National Day and to call on people to do something of significance to mark the day in a meaningful way, by standing up for ourselves! A .PDF of the A4 size flyer can be downloaded here. Caithfimid an […]

Prospect of much needed political change advances

JOINT PRESS RELEASE The People’s Convention (CPPC) and People for Change (PfC) 12th February 2014 The prospect of much needed political change advanced today with the People for Change (PfC) organisation joining forces with the other People’s Candidates running in the local elections.  Paudie Dineen of PfC signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT today and joins Brian […]

Whose City is it anyway?

The following is the text of the latest A5 flyer published in Cork. A .PDF copy of this can be download here or viewed here. We must ensure that Council represents the people of Cork, not any Political Party, ‘Pact’ or vested interests Decisions at City Hall are made to serve the foreign imposed agenda of the […]

An open letter to the Lord Mayor and Cork City Council

The following is the text of the open letter handed into a locked-out City Hall in Cork tonight.  The people were prevented from gaining access even into the hall complex, let alone the public gallerias for the Council meeting.  Shame on the Lord Mayor, shame on City Council for allowing it! A .PDF copy of […]

We are not represented! – cppc

10th December 2013 PRESS RELEASE: This weekend the people of Cork are invited to take a stand in favour of our own empowerment, to reject the dictate that has become accepted in our democratic process. CPPC is hosting two public events: On Saturday 14th at 2pm people are invited to assemble at the Opera House […]

Why is DICTATE part of our Democracy? – cppc

The following is the text from the flyer published today by CPPC, to promote the marches and rallies next weekend, marking our completion of the Troika so-called ‘bailout’ and also the issue presented by Cork City Council’s Budget 2014 meeting. A .PDF of the A5 size flyer can be downloaded here, it contains adverts on […]

Who let them Steal our Future? – cppc

The Troika have completed their final review and are packing their bags to leave Ireland on December 15th. Have we been saved? They say we passed the reviews and are now on course to economic recovery. They tell us we are re-gaining our sovereignty, that the future is bright, that our sacrifice has been worth […]


PRESS RELEASE, 30th October 2013 THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT will be launched at a public meeting in Gurranabraher next Wednesday 6th November.  Voters are being asked to nominate their own candidates for the coming Local and European elections, and not to rely on the Political Parties. Nominated candidates will be asked to sign THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, a […]

AN Open Letter – Important meeting in Cork

Addressed to friends and supporters of THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, you are invited to attend the meeting in Cork this Sunday afternoon, this needs to move into it’s next phase, to go among the people of Ireland … let’s build the movement for our own empowerment! Dear friend, For some months now, a broad discussion has […]

The Political Parties have NO solution! – cppc

Today the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer, dealing with the question of Political Parties, highlighted this week in the media. A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here, other adverts are included with the printed / .PDF copy. A .PDF copy of the A6 Flyer used to promote the meeting on November 6th […]

EVICTIONS: Getting paid for dumping families out of their homes? – cppc

On Saturday the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group published a new flyer highlighting the issue of eviction and the case of the O’Sullivan family in Kanturk, Co. Cork, who are under threat from the County Sheriff.  Only the support of family, friends, neighbours and anti-eviction activists has prevented the aggressive attempts to evict the O’Sullivans.  A 24 hour […]

YOU have the Right to Decide Policy – cppc

It begins when we assert that Right together! There is a Solution to the Crisis, we must work for our own EMPOWERMENT! A .PDF copy of this A5 Flyer can be downloaded here. We must end the system which allows powerful groups of vested interests decide matters for us. Let’s start with City Council… our […]


THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT will be presented to all candidates in the coming elections, regardless of who selected them. It is to assert the primacy of the people and declare our right to decide all matters of state policy – not just once every few years, but continuously, on every issue up for resolution. Following discussion […]


For interest: we are publishing the invitation received from Séamus Ó Muilleanóir (aka James Miller)  to the national conference/discussion taking place Saturday 24th August on the question of Empowerment and the formation of a people’s movement for democracy – with a view that the people should contest the coming elections. The People’s Convention are happy […]

We, the People, must Contest the coming Elections – cppc

The following is the text from a leaflet published in Cork by the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group.  A .PDF copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here. Having City Council Controlled by the People is the First Step towards solving our problems Nationally The problem in Ireland is that the people are effectively excluded from deciding […]

An Open Letter – ‘for DEMOCRACY!’

25th July 2013 Dear friend, The following is a link to the statement released yesterday by Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!‘ group, commenting on efforts made last weekend to prevent leaflet distribution and the weekly stall operating on Patrick’s Street. This anti-austerity and pro-democracy work has been developing for some time now, calling on the people […]

We Must Defend Our Democratic Right! – cppc

The following statement was issued to the media in Cork this morning, on behalf of Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group. Statement by Cork’s “for DEMOCRACY!” group A serious issue arises from the weekend’s events in Cork that should concern everyone.  A concerted effort was made by officials claiming to represent Cork City Council to stop the […]

Cork East: What about the Empowerment of Citizens?

NOTE: This meeting was initially advertised for 9th May, our mistake, sorry. This meeting is to launch the new programme of The Peoples Convention in the Cork East Constituency – starting in Youghal. Everyone is invited, regardless of any existing political or party affiliations (if any), regardless of policy preferences, social outlook or any other […]

Why do the People not Decide State Policy?

[box type=”info”]Lucan Electoral District DUBLIN MID-WEST CONSTITUENCY MEETING[/box] It is the right of the people to create state policy, yet this function has been usurped by the political parties and in many cases even handed over to institutions outside of our state. The state is continuously imposing policy on the people and we are excluded from […]

We must continue to work for democracy

The deepening crisis makes the task of building our democracy movement all the more essential. This meeting is organised to sum up the work since our first meeting on December 14th last, including the general election campaign. While the meeting is open to everyone, we hope that all those who helped in any way with […]

Criminals Rule in Ireland! and they are laughing… – cppc

This is the text of a leaflet published by Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group, a .PDF can be downloaded here. They still play golf on the right courses and enjoy privilege beyond imagination! As a people we are ruled over by powerful vested interests, native and foreign. That is why we are forced to pay-up for […]

Senior Citizen Bullied & Threatened into Compliance: LPT!

The following letter was received by us on Thursday 28th, the last official registration day for Local Property Tax (LPT).  The letter is being sent by a distressed son and his aging mother to their local public representatives and to Government – which is supposed to represent them! Is this how we choose to treat […]

Youth & Students, Stand Up for Your Future! – cppc

This is the content of a leaflet produced by the ‘for DEMOCRACY!‘ group in Cork, they are engaged in opposing the imposition of policy on the people, such as the Local Property Tax, and they are working to encourage the community to select it’s own candidates in the local elections expected next year. A .PDF […]

On the Suggested Postponement of Elections! – cppc

P R E S S   R E L E A S E  –  Tuesday April 16th, 2013 On the Suggested Postponement of Elections! The recent statement by Cork city Councillor Jim Corr,  to postpone the coming Local Elections, is a glaring example of disregard for our democracy – this is the same disregard which has […]

4. The People’s Convention – An Organisation of All Citizens

(from Pamphlet: “IRISH CITIZENS, WE MUST EMPOWER OURSELVES!”) The solution requires that the people establish their own organisation, one completely different in character to what has gone before. In November 2010 a group of citizens took the initiative to create this organisation of electors. It is called The People’s Convention (as Gaeilge: An Chomhdháil Phobail, CPPC […]