This is the launch meeting of The Peoples Convention in the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency

We would like to encourage citizens to come forward and declare themselves for democracy, to declare their rights as the rightful decision makers in our society. At present citizens have no say in the vital decisions that affect our day to day lives, that affect the future of our country … we must change this.

It is the sovereign right of the people of Ireland to decide all matters relating to the running of our country – let’s get organised for this!

Let’s select peoples’ candidates to stand in this election!, Lets contract them to consult and accept mandate from the constituency, lets contract them to agree to recall if they fail to follow mandate.

Lets start to do things in the new way as an electorate!

If you know anyone who would be a good peoples candidate in this election please ask them to allow their name to be nominated, bring nominations to this meeting or email us with details.

For further information please contact local coordinator Rory Moran on 087 9760623


Date: 31-01-2011