For information we are re-producing this letter received by Kathy Sinnott requesting assistance from members of the public in compiling statements to support the challenge to the result of the Childrens Referendum.

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Ms Kathy Sinnott,
By email only 14th December 2012


Dear Kathy,
As you know, we are in the process of putting together a number of
affidavits from experts and from citizens who voted or abstained at
the recent referendum.
I am receiving a substantial amount of feedback from various
individuals who say that many voters voted no at the last minute
having previously been either intending to abstain or intending to
vote yes because they became aware of the McCrystal decision and they
were horrified at the actions of the government. It would be very
useful if you could circulate this email to see if any of your
contacts would fit into this category.
It would also be very useful to hear from somebody who voted yes but
having now heard more about the McCrystal decision, wishes they either
voted no or abstained.
It would be very useful if I could make contact with someone who
abstained but who would have voted no if they had been more aware of
the government’s actions as highlighted by the Supreme Court in the
McCrystal decision.
I am also very interested to hear from people, who voted yes because
of a general feeling that this was “the right thing to do” and who
could say that they felt influenced by the government advertising,
particularly the referendum booklet and the posters that appeared on
lamp posts around the country.
If you could find anybody who fits into any of these categories, it
would be very useful but I really need to be able to make contact with
them almost immediately given that we are in court on Tuesday. If any
person is prepared to help, they would have to be willing to swear an
affidavit and they would also have to be willing to attend court if
required. I would be happy to talk to any of these individuals if they
wanted to contact me direct. My office number is Dublin 01 6797930 and
I can be contacted at any time today or over the weekend at 087
If there is anybody else you can contact who feels that while they
might not fit neatly into any of the categories set out above, but
still feel they want to put their feelings down in an affidavit, they
should contact me and let me have their own particular experience and
I could then decide if then this would assist our case.

Yours sincerely,