AstraZeneca is Withdrawn

Jamie Scott, a father of two, suffered a clot just days after taking the Covid19 ‘vaccine’; he was left brain damaged and unable to work.

Claims by up to 80 other individuals who say they have been severely damaged or killed by the jab are in the process.

Official Freedom of Information data reveals that 144 out of 148 payments already made by the British Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) are related to AstraZeneca.

For a VDPS application to be accepted a vaccine must be shown to have caused serious disability of at least 60%.

AstraZeneca was first administered in January 2021.

By April 2021 the public were advised that AstraZeneca was not suitable for anyone under 30 years of age, in May 2021 this was revised to 40 years.

Mr Scott has had to undergo over 250 rehabilitation sessions, to re-learn how to walk, talk and swallow, he suffered memory loss.

With growing complaints, the AstraZeneca name was disgraced.

Then in December 2022, for having served them well, the King of England (who works with the World Economic Forum) decided to honour Pascal Soriot, the Chief Executive of AstraZeneca.

The Royalty tried to protect their man, despite the growing scandal.

Last year AstraZeneca admitted in court documents that their ‘vaccine’ can cause dangerous clots. Similar accusations face the Pfizer/BioNTech ‘vaccine’.

Lives have, and continue to be lost, excess deaths rates (above normal) have increased worldwide.

In Ireland excess deaths during December were 25% above the average between 2016 and 2019. These are widely thought to be ‘vaccine’ related, although that is being dismissed officially.

In May this year, in the face of growing claims, AstraZeneca was finally taken off the market altogether.

No financial amount can compensate for the injuries suffered by people. People were threatened and lied to by Governments and by health professionals, to force them into taking Covid19 ‘vaccines’.

BigPharma has already been given protection from prosecution, money dictates, and public representatives have failed the people on this issue.