The solution requires that the people establish their own organisation, one completely different in character to what has gone before.
In November 2010 a group of citizens took the initiative to create this organisation of electors. It is called The People’s Convention (as Gaeilge: An Chomhdháil Phobail, CPPC for short).

Uniquely, The People’s Convention has been conceived as a single organisation of all voters through which we can empower ourselves. Through this one organisation citizens will SelectElectMandateSuperviseRecall our constituency representatives. In this way the citizens become rulers of the State.

There is no qualification for membership of this constituency body, other than being an elector, membership is automatic. This too is unique because, unlike political parties, nobody has to agree with any policy position to participate with full and equal rights in The People’s Convention. Neither does anyone have to take up the politics of giving and receiving favours, which is the hallmark of political parties. In this way the broadest possible basis of unity is established; everyone is united on a simple democratic basis – around the exercise of the rights of citizens and our entitlement.

The most important feature of The People’s Convention is the fact that it allows us, the citizens, to play a full role in the life of the State and not just at election time.

This is how we become empowered.

Before elections we chose suitable candidates to stand; after elections we mandate our representatives on all policy matters – budgets, treaties and laws – which have been formulated either in the Dáil or in the constituencies by the people themselves. During the life of the Dáil, The People’s Convention will supervise the implementation of the adopted programme and if necessary they will recall those representatives who fail to fulfil their obligations.

This will also put an end to the divisive nonsense that sets so-called national and local issues against each other. The people have needs that must be fulfilled at various levels of the State – through The People’s Convention we can ensure policies that will fulfil all those needs.