Absolute Shame on South Dublin County Council!

Michael Moran is a man in his early 20s, he needs 24/7 care, all day, every day – and every night.

Michael has Down’s Syndrome and Autism, he needs nappy changes 5 times daily, and needs help getting in/out of a bath. If that wasn’t enough, Michael is immobile (he uses a chair), and he suffers serious respiratory issues and is under specialist care for this, taking constant antibiotics and nebulisers.

Michael lives in Balgaddy with his parents, who themselves suffer disability, including COPD and other complications. Michael’s father was recently referred to Hospital for cardiac assessment.

The family live in a Council home in Balgaddy, it is riddled with damp and mould – the air is toxic and affecting all of their health. On top of that, anti-social behaviour in the area is out of control, the constant noise from it causes major distress for Michael.

Gardaí have witnessed the distress and two years ago wrote to the Council about it.

Five years ago South Dublin County Council (SDCC) acknowledged the issues facing Michael, but they have failed to resolve the matter.


1. To ensure that their rented accommodation complies with the legal Minimum Standards.

2. They are in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which was ratified by our state in 2018.

We know that SDCC has about 10,000 properties, and they are adding several hundred every year.

We know that at any one time over 250 of these housing units are empty, without any tenant.
Why has Michael’s housing need not been addressed?

Why is this vulnerable man left to live in such a dangerous environment?

Why do SDCC ignore the law?
Michael’s distress is such that he has been put on additional medication to calm him and help with sleep – it that how we look after the vulnerable? drug them so they are easier to handle?

Michael’s dad, Christopher Moran, is a man who served in the Irish Navy for years. He served the state, he paid his taxes, yet, both he and his wife are terrified for the future of their son, what will happen when the day comes and they are simple unable to care for him?

Christopher has been campaigning, appealing to everyone who will listen, that something be done to help them.

We know that SDCC are allocating properties every month, are we to believe that after 5 years every such housing allocation has had greater need than Michael’s?