Elect Candidates selected by and contracted to the people, not political parties!

In the sort time since its first public meeting on 14th December The Peoples Convention has generated much interest throughout the country.  There has already been 9 publically organised meetings held and many more discussions in different parts of the country, and there are as many again meetings coming up in the next week.

Our aim is to build a movement for democracy, to create the conditions whereby the people can empower themselves in our democracy.  The work continues into this election and will continue after it to ensure that local Peoples Conventions are strengthened and organised in each constituency.

This new way of exercising our democracy ensures that the people are in control, that accountability exists, and it sets aside the party ‘whip’ and the domination of the parties of vested interest.

Public Selection Conventions

We are not powerless in this election, lets elect our own candidates, not political parties!

The ‘powers-that-be’, the political parties and the vested interest they serve, have brought us to the worst crisis in the history of the state.  The domestic economy is crippled, business closures continue, job losses continue, emigration and social crisis are the order of the day.

Time after time ‘the politicians’ have told us they would “get Ireland back to work”, they keep telling us “we have turned the corner”.  They told us they would provide decent health care, they would develop native industry and resources, they would fix this and that, ad nausium.  We have had to listen to them year in and year out … but they are self-interested and have used and abused Dáil Éireann for their own betterment and for the betterment of their backers.

The Dáil has become a charade of government and opposition, like a bad tragic drama.  In reality, all of the main parties are the same, they only differ on how they will implement the same basic policy, but implement it they will.

The scandal is, regardless of whatever we may think of the policies they implement, the people are never asked to have their say … we are limited to just a few moments every five years or so to mark off a ballot paper while voting.  Then it’s business as usual, the parties continue their merry dance, the people are excluded and fed a non-stop story on how ‘they’ are working “in the national interest” …  just keep voting for them!

The people must have the say in all decisions!

We do not need self-selecting political parties or their false promises.
Bunreacht na hÉireann does not speak of political parties, it talks about sending delegates of the people to the Dáil.

The Peoples Convention is now holding selection meetings so that citizens can select their own candidates.  Your are invited to participate in this selection process.  We must ensure that the people have candidates that have accepted ‘the new way’ of doing things, i.e. that candidates are contracted to a process of consulting with the electorate, accepting mandate and are subject to recall if they fail in their duty of service to the people.

It is time to call a halt, lets elect peoples candidates, not political parties!