Article taken from Issue #4 of THE PEOPLE’S PAPER

irelandPeace is a most precious commodity
you must not let it be taken away
by extra-taxing our homes and water
on an errant path you stray.

The fox and badger have a home
birds of the air have nests
now our children have to emigrate across the foam
in search of a place to rest.

Babies are lifted from their warm cots
in what’s become the new dawn swoop
parents’ hearts are broken…voices mute
by the way that they’ve been duped.

Our ancestors fought hard to regain
what was taken from them by force
bewildered we watch this happening again
…as we march for justice-course.

Our long history of oppression
is rooted deeply within our psyche
flashbacks to mass repression
were triggered by the visit of the Troika.

Vivid visions of harsh Famine times
…people evicted from their homes
once again we bear witness and in recent times
…our Rights have become war-zones.

Pay careful heed…take good advice
listen to your people’s cry
come back to the Spirit of the Céide Fields
do not let this Country die.

© Norah Clifford Kelly
Norah is a writer of Meditational Nature and Social Justice Poetry, find her online at: