A group of citizens, from all walks of life, including professionals and business people, launched The People’s Convention late in 2010.

They were stirred into action by the shameful actions of the powers-that-be and their political parties in heaping the burden of the all sided crisis (social, economic and banking) on the people. The Dáil political parties of the status quo are united in their collaboration and cooperation in facing down the just resistance of the people to the so-called ‘burden sharing’ measures and ‘political reform’ programmes.

The creation of The People’s Convention does not have as its aim anything other than the empowerment of the citizens by creating a mass political organisation of citizens without pre-condition.

The initiative for The People’s Convention has come from a number people of middle age, some of whom have small businesses and various other walks of life, long-time friends who have been involved for many decades in the social, community or political life of the community in different parts of the country.

Reflecting on the serious situation that the people of Ireland are facing since 2008 and the abject failure of the parties of the status-quo to offer anything but hardship they resolved to come up with an initiative that addresses the crucial issue of the lack of empowerment of the people because they concluded that only the people themselves can bring forward solutions and pro-people policies on any matter.

Having analysed the role of political parties of all types with their narrow basis for membership, the elevation of the role of their leaders, and their failure to empower the people as decision makers and rulers of the country, the group of friends decided that only a mass organisation of all electors (without pre-condition) would suffice to direct the affairs of State.