Published in Issue No. 1 of Convention newspaper:

The content of ‘Convention’ is determined by the single objective of The People’s Convention, democracy itself:

the people’s (our) democracy.

To secure our democracy means to end the abuse of the people’s mandate by the clique of political parties – which are actually private member clubs. To do this we must give effect to the Constitutional provision which says that TD’s“represent constituencies”, not any party or themselves individually.

To exercise our democracy means that we must create a single organisation of all electors to select, elect, mandate and if necessary re-call our representatives. Our entitlement must not be restricted to voting once every few years, we must assert it on a continuing basis and build the organisation required to give effect to this.

To defend our democracy means that we must impose on the current TD’s their obligation to “represent constituencies” according to the electors’ specific mandate.

We are a sovereign people, no interest group and no party has a right to rule over us, to impose policy or usurp our democratic process for their own gain.

Convention’ will contribute to the community wide discussion and inform.

Convention’ will support those in the constituency who are advocates of the people and are helping to build The People’s Convention.

This is the editorial guideline for ‘Convention’. We hope all will support it.